Purges should be removed until they're overhauled

I picked this game up a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed it.

The Purge system has made me question if I even want to keep playing it, let alone continue supporting it financially.

I’ve just experienced a “rocknose purge” where a gigantic three-skull rocknose king spawned inside our base, glitching through our walls and ceilings because of its size. It destroyed a quarter of our base before sinking into the ground beneath our foundation, where he is presently stuck until he despawns.

How is this okay? How did the developers think this was anything but a poorly conceived, half-baked mechanic? This should have never made it to beta, let alone a finished product that costs money.

The idea that they’re supposed to encourage you to build defensible buildings is laughable. Completely ridiculous. Why bother when they just spawn INSIDE your walls? It encourages me to not build anything. Hell, it encourages me to not play the game.

This would be ridiculous for a game that had been out a month. For a game that’s been out over a year, a game that puts building at the core of its gameplay, it’s beyond absurd.


Did you have a realistic way for them to get in? If you dont have gates and doors then they will spawn inside. Also if you build on a spawn point it can create problems.


Most likely the purge spawning inside your base is a “feature”. If the server can’t find a direct ground path to your base (i.e.: if you need to climb, jump, use an elevator or swim to enter your base) it will basically cheat and start spawning those mobs inside your base. It was Funcom’s answer to people attempting to build “purge proof” bases in many a weird location.


You are 100% correct that this should NOT happen. It is very discouraging! We have also recently experienced this phenomenon, and yes, our base IS accessible to mobs on all 4 sides. So, something has happened to change the AI and the way spawn is occurring. Glad you brought it up! Please make sure to post a bug report in the appropriate forum so the devs can more easily see it and others can feedback their similar experiences.

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Your base has to have a wall with gate and entrance doors on the floor, so they appear outside, if there is nothing on the floor, they will appear inside your base, this is normal. :nerd_face:


This right here.

The game picks a foundation to attack, if its in unreachable spot. the game will spawn enemies on top.
Its both a Pro and a Con.

I’ve had this with Cube bases, were foundations are 3-4 thick, and the game happen pick one on inside. XD (was in flat area)

It happens, Its good idea to have few guards inside your base. I usually have my pet wolves inside or in my garden area. So this way if I hear them, I know a enemy got inside.
If I hear people fighting, then my thralls are on outside.


We are getting hit every other day or so by other clans purges.
We get to baby sit our outposts from 6-10pm, and are not having a purge.

and I like purges, just not others purges

Not only can they spawn inside your base, but they regularly spawn inside foundations and inside ground textures.

I feel the devs need to really explain the purge with visuals cause it seems, just reading here, people don’t fully know how it works and how to stop it triggering in side their base aside from the obvious of, don’t build off land.

Someone said you need a gate or door on the floor, another said they pick a random foundation.

Just leaves questions imho

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Sometimes purge spawns inside foundations, so you even can’t attack it.
It ok when it spawn inside your base, but not inside textures

Oh i know. Once I had the spawn literally underground. I could see a thralls head occasionally poking out so at least I had something to club, but for the longest time I was just standing around with nothing happening. I suspect that has less to do with the purge proper and more to do with the textures in the map.

Was it a real base or onlt build in sandstone? And you know if its no space to arack the walls it will spawn inside,

If you’re building bases to try and cleverly position yourself so you can’t be purged, then yes this is a feature.

If you had a clear way to attack your base without it being some clever building like putting yourself on an artificial island in the middle of a lake where they won’t get in the water, then thats a bug.

Removing the purge would be removing one of the things i love about the game.


PvE servers would be extra boring without purges. They need to be tuned and more interesting but I quite enjoy having something to worry about and prepare for when everything is all said and done even if it takes ages to trigger.


Agreed, but it seems like they’re possibly trending towards making the Purge more of a required feature, for example, crafting the Redeemed Silent Legion armor. If that wasn’t just a one-off, but they start aggressively gating content behind successfully completing human purges, requring you to capture specific thralls, they need to do a lot of work. Because the Purge system as it is right now is brain damaged.

Not really, now with leveling everything, its a full job.
We dont generate purges on our official server. Figured ways around them.

Leveling thralls isn’t a forever job. It’s a lot of killing the same mobs over with little reason or risk. I personally generate purges on official and enjoy them. I know many who don’t and I know many who do. Purges are nice for those who are extremely busy in real life to have an impending threat to test a base that took a lot of time to build. Removing them is a bad idea. At max level, I’ve found it takes some pretty significant effort to keep them coming once you’ve settled down.


He’s not saying remove them completely, he’s asking to remove them temporally and bring it back once it actually works properly or better yet, get some hotfixes going (i’m sure they’re doing so). I feel with a system that has the potential to wipe your base or do some serious dmg, it should at lest work as intended

For quite a few people, it seems they’re not. They build on land with access, yet, the purge is spawning in, on or under their base. For some, it could be game breaking

Do NOT remove purges. Purges are a HUGE source of fun and enjoyment! The majority of times that purges spawn inside of a base it’s player fault so turning purges off is a horrible idea.


well, they should at least spawn for us lol., 3 days purge bar is totally full. and the purge is only trying to trigger but it doesnt, (you can see the purge trying by the purge has started and purge has ended without anything actually happening in the map , its just the mechanic.

we have 10 bases in different locations, and it does not trigger no matter what we do .

and no, do not remove purges , make it better please.