No clan has been able to enter my base, but the purge has appeared inside and they have destroyed everything


no clan has been able to enter my base, but the purge has appeared inside and they have destroyed everything, this is too much they have destroyed the walls like butter and all the level 4 slaves and everything, it makes no sense to play this funcom game this is too much, it had up to 10 doors to enter the vaults and many level 3 foundation walls and they have destroyed everything, it’s absurd, I’m very angry with funcom, this is very excessive,


This has been happening on Ps4 all along if purge doesn’t have access to attack outside they spawn inside. Although I have had spawning inside when there is access occasionally.


By the way what purged you?

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Cimmerian, can I upload photos here, so you can see?

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The two Cimmerian purges are some of the most difficult. Especially since healing got a nerf. Also it seems to me that some purges might also have been boosted in difficulty. We had the “Cultists” purge in the desert a few weeks ago, and it was a serious fight. Don’t remember that one being so difficult before.

Bottom line, the game is getting re-balanced, and it seems the goal is to make the game more challenging overall. This might very well include purges. Which I think was sorely needed. The game was too easy before.

The best way to defend against purges now is to have a decent amount of thralls both inside and outside your base. A lot of people ignore using thralls for defense inside their base, which is now a recipe for disaster… Learn from these types of mistakes, adapt, and overcome.


the error is from the server that have appeared inside the house

Is that an error? Or is it by design? Like sestus2009 mentioned, if you have a base location where the purge NPCs cannot path to your base, they tend to spawn inside your base.

I am thinking this is by design. For example we have several pillar bases. NPCs obviously cannot path to them, as NPCs cannot climb. So these NPCs spawn INSIDE our base every single time we get a purge there.

Which is probably not intended, and quite sad

Its the default behavior if the game doesn’t find a way to get it. How do we know this? through other people and dealing with it. No ingame informations, no tutorials, nothing. If you want to learn about purge, you read the player made wiki, you don’t learn from the game teaching you anything. Is it an intended game mechanic? No, unless devs have zero care for reasonable game design.

Which then would be a bug, and quite a terrible one. Even if you obey the supposed absurd rules (read as having to give mobs a way to spawn near your base, on a game about making compact bases for survival), it can still bug out and spawn inside.

And then, enter this:

I know its probably bait, but it its a good example of why people don’t take you seriously. But lets pretend for a moment that for a fact, this is intended. Why are you saying this to him? Does your opinion based on literally nothing do anything for this thread? its literally another attempt to push your “game is too easy” agenda, completely useless.


Yes it have hapen to me to but luckely it was on a quite safe plase, just the map and several guards, but inside the walls.

Personal attacks don’t help your argument.

Why say this to him?

Because the OP evidently thinks a purge spawning inside his base is a bug. I am merely saying it might very well be intended.

The Funcom haters love to run with threads like this as ammo against the company. It needs to be pointed out that what some consider to be a bug might very well be intentional.

My opinion is based on nothing? Hardly. The devs have said in SEVERAL live streams since the end of last year that they are making the game more difficult. This is no secret.

Just my opinion that the game has been way too easy. Some disagree. Some agree. And like I said above, go watch the dev livestreams over the last year. They have definitely made numerous statements along these lines and from numerous recent changes, they are OBVIOUSLY making the game more difficult.

Some complain. Some roll with the punches.

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From one thing to another. care to make a video on your base if\when you rebuild? Looking for more PVP basebuilding tips. Meaning i think i do pretty okay, but i find it fun to checkout other bases;)

I really have lost the desire to play, they have destroyed everything, I cannot spend my whole life playing the game, it is a game, this is too much, but the bad thing is that it is the game itself, not other players

they have destroyed everything absolutely look

Yeah man I know it sucks. We had an outpost completely wiped out a few weeks ago by the Cimmerian beast-tamers purge. Totally took us by surprise. Only 2 of our clan was online, and we only had 2 thralls there, each on follow. Our two thralls did mostly ok until the bosses started spawning. Then it was over. Thralls dead. Outpost was a total loss.

We made the mistake of not placing additional Fighter thralls for defense.

Maybe take a small break and come back later? If you do continue playing, just remember next time to stack BOTH the inside and outside of your base with a decent amount of Fighter thralls. You want those thralls in the best epic heavy armor you can get. Vitality stat armor is best. Level the thralls as high as possible. We get them all to at least level 10 then focus on getting individual ones to 20 over time. Focus on vitality while leveling them. Make sure they have a decent amount of food in their inventory for heals. Equip them with legendary weapons if you can afford it.

Doing all that definitely makes a big difference with purge survival. Even when they spawn inside your base.

Sure you can

I had 20 level 3 slaves with 4k life and a celestial metal weapon

All your thralls were level 3? Or they were all Tier 3?

Also 4k health is kinda low for fighter thralls especially if they don’t have good (high grade) epic heavy armor. Did you have them in the low grade or high grade heavy armor?

You really want to shoot for the 900 to 1000 armor range to get the highest damage reduction possible.

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