Purge problems continued

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Game gives message “A gang of lemurians is scouting your lands”…nope, a horde of undead spawned inside my base and destroyed my fish farm. Thanks game.

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The general issue, the purge still needs to be fixed, is planned.

The second, I haven’t heard of it announcing differently…thanks for the report at least from me I guess.

The third, really depends on if you eg. Build near or on water…or on a cliff…or…etc.

Could you please let me know where/what your base is?

Btw, see https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge for the notes and so on.

The reason for the undead is because you built somewhere where the lemurians in this case, couldn’t reach your base.

The undead spawning in your base is done when you build anywhere where a purge cannot reach you, be it you’re surrounded by water, on a cliffside, or a pillar, whatever so you can’t build somewhere to be completely purge proof.

I have had several purges in the exact same spot where gorillas and lemurians attacked the base, the only thing that changed, is i deleted 2 foundations in the middle of the base, which i had put down as placeholders when I first arrived in the location last week. I am in the jungle ruins by the water, near one of the big purple lanterns. My Base (What’s left of it)

It’s particularly annoying because I spent a lot of time setting up defenses at the front gate as you can see here, which is the only entrance to the base. It is very accessible by land and there is no reason it should not be the entry point for the purge.


If you build fish traps without foundations, you can’t access the inventory. If you build them with foundations, purge spawns on top of them and destroys everything. It’s impossible to win with this game. You have bend over backwards to attempt to get around the awful design choices and horrendous bugs, and as soon as you think you’ve figured out a way, something else screws you over. I’m so sick of it.

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Unfortunately the game decided to spawn in the purge from one of the water directions, found out it couldn’t spawn them in and reach you, and decided to use the undead unreachable base mechanic.

About the fishtraps, I’ve never run into that issue, maybe the water you’re trying to put them in is too deep so you need the foundations to make the water shallow.

So the game literally only tries to spawn from one random direction each time, and barring that just screws you over? Fantastic design…


I have been having purge problems myself. I posted in dedicated servers but settings from my config for purge just disappear in particular the settings below.


On top of that I tried out the purge by using makemeadmin and then running the various console commands. I first had purge set to level 1 with the prep at 10 and duration at 30. I ran a startplayerpurge and got a purge but it was a single wave that died in seconds. no more waves came after 10 minutes of waiting. I tried a startNextWave command with no results.

I then moved the purge level up to 3 and the prep time down to 5 and didnt a startnextpurgephase after refilling out clan purge meter, we got a purge again it was one wave and then said they were regrouping with no other waves happening.

I had set the various duration from the settings server settings while logged into my server as an admin. we should have had a purge for 20-30 minutes but had 10 or less total enemies.

It also said black hand pirates I but we were attacked by skeletons. Not a single living person, only skeletons and some of those weird mutant hunch back things.

Purge seems to be seriously messed up. We are built on the shore in the jungle near the big pirate encampment so i dont see any reason pirates could not reach us. The enemies did spawn on the balcony of our base and not on the shore in front of it also, we are built against the side of a mountian

Purged worked as it should. Stop trying to cheese out of purge by building on places you know is glitchy.

I am complaining because the purge is not spawning not because it destroyed my base. Did we build in an open flat plain. No, but is the base easily accessible from the ground yes.

It is built up against the wall of one of those island like cliffs on the shore with wide open shore in front of it that you can easily walk across it is not on stilts or anything it is right on the ground.

Regardless of what type of enemies it stops after one wave and thats why i force start the purge to begin with.

The only reason i can even think for skeletons to have spawned is if it tried to spawn behind the base on the cliff instead of the other 3 sides that you can walk right up to the walls on the ground.

The purge mechanic needs a lot of help. It is one of the things that drew me to this game knowing it would not just be spend a couple weeks building and then get tired because there was nothing to do. Those attacks are what keep people playing and on their toes.

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If that’s how it’s supposed to work this game is not worth playing because that is just awful design. I’m not trying to cheese out of purge, I love the idea and want to have a cool battle defending my base…at the entrance to it…where my defenses are… It’s just frustrating and unrealistic to have s**t spawning inside. Idc anyway, I stopped playing this game weeks ago because it’s just broken in so many ways.

Then why are you here commenting if you quit.

When purges attack if there is no easy access from the ground to your structure they will spawn inside the base. Always give clean line of access to the base to control where they hit from.

What does the game consider clean line of access thats the whole problem there is no guidance at all.

My base has an area of beach at least 15 foundations wide with nothing other than 2 wheels of pain out front, then a building up against a cliff side at ground level you just walk right in the front door to get to all the workstations, no climbing, no elevator nothing, its sitting on foundations that are on the ground or water so shallow you can walk in it.

Heck occasionaly pirates from the big pirate encampment on the north east of the jungle walk down that back, but the purge spawned on our balcony, there was tons of room to spawn out front where we had guards, Instead it tried to spawn on a little flat area on the cliff that connected to the balcony instead of the big open space of the ground. Doesnt make much sense, its not like we build a base that was inaccessible.

Second we got a single wave… shouldnt it have lasted for 30 minutes. we put it down in about 1 minute time and sat there waiting for more it said regrouping and nothing further came. That sounds very broken to me, even if it was difficulty 6 instead of 3 that would not have been a challenge.

Each building is a separate base. So if you have one base on the cliff and it’s targeting that one then they will spawn inside. If you use an elevator to go down to the ground and it wants to hit your base, make sure there are stairs and foundations at the bottom of the elevator for them to destroy. The stairs must reach all the way to the ground. I built a water base so they couldn’t hit me, but I had to make a sidewalk (just under the surface so they won’t use it) and when it hit land I extended the side walk and some walls for them to attack. Just needs to be enough base material to outlast the attack timers.

If the second wave does not come it’s because one of the enemies got lost or is glitched inside a pice of structure or the map

Purge seems to be wonky. I live in the desert by hand of maker, and in the official release notes it says that purge can be resisted by T2 buildings. Well they cut through my T2 walls/foundations/fence like butter. To me when the game notes says can be resisted, that tells me if I build T2 stuff then they shouldn’t be ripping through it like butter. So is anything really safe from the purge then? what gives.
btw this is on official 1504 server.

I should also mention that all of my thrall just stood there and watched it happen. Even ones getting attacked did nothing. Even after I got attacked they did nothing. they liked to run over and watch but did nothing to help defend.

hopefully things get fixed.

You mean the wiki says? And T2 is just the bare minimum really. It doesn’t mean you can leave it defence less just because you used T2 walls.

Even Imps/Exiles can chew through undefended T3.

It was also posted by Funcom on the forums. I understand they can damage stuff, but to just cut right through it seems a bit much.

And no it wasn’t defenseless, as I have thralls all over the place but they did nothing. i was there as well and could not kill stuff fast enough before they chew threw stuff.

the problem lies more in the currently bugged AI than in the damage from ennemies imo. if your thralls do fight and take the aggro from mobs your buildings should not take that much damage (only from AOE when fighting too close to the buildings).

And as you experienced it philman, i had about the same thing happening with my last purge, melee thralls were acting properly for the first wave only, then they started to only run towards ennemies (sometimes even doing nothing but dreaming) but they never attacked them and never took the aggro from mobs, only archers were shooting, which was kinda funny considering archers were probably the most bugged bugged AI a few months ago…