The purge is a frustrating mechanic

I have now been purged 3 times whilst offline. The latest one is now the end of it for me. My Black Ice base was attacked by the Black Legion whilst I was offline. They destroyed every single station, the entire building in which I had all my belongings and killed everyone except T1 thralls. All of my T4 crafting thralls are gone, and since they no longer drop are now unable to be replaced.

Screw you Funcom, Games are meant to be enjoyable. This was a solid base with over 20 T3 fighter and archer thralls and it looks like nobody defended anything. Every storage container, every station, even the alters are all gone. I see no point rebuilding when it seems the same thing will just happen again.

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Play single player and turn off purge.

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@Critter667 that is hardly a solution. Most people play this game for the multiplayer aspect.

People choose PVE or PVE-C because they do not want to have to worry about offline raids. We don’t all have the time to play every single night just to make sure our bases don’t get raided, so this ‘feature’ is a big FU to all the non-pvp players the way I see it.

This has been a legitimate fear of mine for weeks now. They need to either
A) get rid of offline purges,
b) make it so that thralls actually defend your base… you know, like they are supposed to?

If it happens to me I will be quitting as well. Game is becoming more stressful than fun with all these bugs.


The AI on fighter/archer thrills is broken. It’s a known issue. Another problem is their health being stupidly low on server start/login. I don’t particularly care for the Purge, but part of the problem is that one of the key systems to defend yourself against it is just freakin’ broken, and there’s no fix in sight.


Combat thralls are absolutely usless to be honest. Someone can go into your base and took everything what is not in close container and your thralls will not even move their finger. My wheele of pain is surounded by warriors/archers/dancers thralls and other players many times just went into my base and took every thrall from wheel. And none of my thralls even moved. And honestly I must agree with OP. Purges should be limited only to online time. AI is broken so we cant rely on thralls. Right now they are nothing more but decoration.


There is no need to turn it off. I play single player and the purge does not trigger at all even though my purge bar is full.


Play on a server with Purge turned off.


Sorry to say that, but just don’t build a bad base.


Agree with this. ^^

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I feel for you dude.
I’ve seen many a well designed and heavily defended black ice base gutted by nude Nord’s, wolves and undead while people are offline.

I agree purge should be online only, but 24/7.

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Prolem with turning the purge off is that, in their infinite wisdom, they attached unique named npc’s to purges. If you turn the purge off, you also turn off your chance of getting those thralls.

If you play on a dedicated server you can set the purge parameters by yourself. On our server the purge only occurs when two members of the clan are online. Till now it’s functioning reliable. We don’t have any offline purges and also the purge is happening reliable to the different clans on the server.
Although there are issues. Sometimes the purge comes only with one wave and is defeated right after it. The other times skeleton are spawning in the base although it’s reachable from land. These are known issues.

yup right now Thralls dont do anything, they May (but not always) attack other players, this depends on whether the game is working as they wont attack if the NPC dont attack, if they do then they will but they will not attack any wildlife or other NPC’s or defend against purge’s. What a shoddy thing.

Mind you, my purge bar has been full for weeks, yet never had a purge happen yet. Have seen the odd player have a purge and they have vacated their base whilst it was being ransacked. These were well geared lvl 60’s.

They also made palisades useless, only thing these work on now is other players and thats it (oh and yourself).

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That’s one of the reasons i would never ever play on official servers !

I mean there lot of reasons for me, but this point is just one big reason more.
On a privat-server you can at worse make a roll-back, disable purge if it’s needed, or give back stuff lost by bugs.

Sure, i realy wish all these stupids bugs would get fixed once, but in the mean-time i try play and enjoy the game, and this is hardly doable in this state on official servers that are not managed, and poorly made.


TL:DR - Base got wrekt so game bad


I agree to that. I’ve stolen many of thralls from wheels while the guard thralls just stood around and just watched me do my thing.

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I can see the day Funcom gives all the thralls a can of Spinach, and have them go SuperSaiyan and rape all the players for payback for all the griefing, ridicule and exploitation, and inadvertantly activate Skynet and it’s Season 2 of Westworld.

That’d be a gameplay loop right there…
Hell actually that’s not bad. lol. Passive PvP via thralls on PvE.

  • immidiately get’s invaded by a dark vision of 300 Thralls parked at the fresh-spawn area*
    wakes up screaming OK! OK! N/M O_O

True. However, I turn off purges and then trigger them manually through the console. That way the purge will only occur when I am online.

Purges should NEVER trigger when an attacked base owner is off line. There I agree.

Until they fix thralls it really doesn’t matter how many you have, they are worthless.

They said the game was ‘live’, but really this was another alpha release. I’ve been playing the game as pre-release, and I still think of it as very unfinished.

Funcom committed the ultimate sin of any developer anywhere: They did a big release then left. Damn kids! Any experienced programmer knows better than to spit out new code then leave the scene. What you do is go on vacation when you have a stable code base, then do the release when you come back, all rested up and ready to bug hunt.

I still love the game. We are a large group playing on a private server. Funcom is managed by knuckleheads, but at least the game is gorgeous. I’m confident they will get it sorted out eventually.