Purge being so broken

Why the he’ll has my Base been hut 3 times in one week this is a joke spend all my time building Base and taming thrills many times and it’s only my Base on the whole server tht gets hit multiple times in a week this game is a joke iv spent so much time and money on this game to get f’t over nearly every time I log off and this is an official server I’m on two 2011 please look in to this as it’s so unfair when there are plenty more ppl that play on this server as well why always me and my Base and I’m just a solo player as well ur purge system is so broke tht this can happen it really is so so much time iv put in to this game and for what to get screwd every time I log off what’s the point

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Please read the notice (and Notes) on The Purge :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, @Hoyhoy2000, what area are you in? See the difficulty section on the above page and reply if you have found a surprise!

i would love to be purged several times a week! its an intended mechanism

learn how to build proper defenses. purgtes last 30 minutes. base on that information , build so they wont touch your stuff.

also… how much money have you spent? cause its not exacly an expensive game to begin with…

the point is BUILD keeping in mind purges!

I would love to be purged several times a week myself… BUT only when my thralls are actually defending my base and when I’m online myself. Decay is the mechanism to clean the servers, purge is the mechanism to make the end game enticing and an opportunity to catch unique thralls, that alone is the proof that it was not designed to be happening on offline players/clans. Offline purges is simply a way to hide that they are bugged af.


my base is built in a way they purges can have several valid spawn points. and they will never even reach the front door, even without thralls. lower t3 walls, pallisades, and stuff will delay enourmously the attacking force.

if you have thralls defending., and if they defend,. they will not even get close. REMEMBER purges last 30 minutes. once those 30 minutes they DESPAWN… all of it. built smart. i am sure anyone is smarter than the AI!

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I cannot see the fun in that tbh, I prefer to build a base defended by thralls, not defended by building blocks that delay the attacking force. It is not because I do not see the fun in it that it should not be a valid defending tactic but I prefer seeing them happen and fighting them off myself with the help of some strategically placed archers, so that they do not kill the ones I do not want them to kill. 1200h on official server, 3 purges, 2 ended instantly before they started and 1 was in the volcano, 2 waves of crappy skeletons(the mound of the dead kind)… Common sense tells me it was never designed to be offline, it is set to happen in the prime time window of the server in question, it was originally set to only happen online, they are the only way in the game to get end game thralls and they have a decay system, why on earth would you want it to happen to offline players?

oh i am not arguing the current state, neither i am saying it was supposed to be a offline tactic.

i build the way i did due to the nature of the mechanic. once thralls works again i would gladly remove the delaying structures… point is, we can outsmart the system . in the case its broken. lets hope for the patches (trhey said they will be sending purges fixes to the next patch today or tomorrow) !

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Patch is live on testlive, 146MB worth of mostly worthless bug fixes, must have been a busy week at Funcom :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Servers are wiped so basically that means that you will have to fill your meter to be able to even test the updates. Anyway there is an Event, go to 40 on the wiped servers that they have all set to PvP mode(for extra testing fun) to be eligible for 1 of the 500 DLC keys they will random give out to eligible players, there is a catch, the community will have to post 50 unique bugs related to the new pet system, rofl they are getting funnier and funnier.

It’s more likely to fill up the severs with the call to arms event as a way to stress the servers which would be a better idea than stress the servers out by not restarting them daily.

Though i would also have to be where they work and see their dev build myself as who knows maybe they do have some things they are working on right now that aren’t ready for testlive.

Though another idea is them deciding to gather as much info as possible on the bugs for those three areas so they can get those fixed and out of the way and that way they can start fixing other things though like i said i would need to be there to see for myself.

That’s all good for you that play on pc and things actuly works on xbox u can’t even get on to ur server half the time and ur thrall just stand doing nothing. And to the person tht said tht the games not tht expensive £80 with game and dlc is alot of money for me when I have a family to feed and house to keep. The point I was trying to make isure tht how should the same base be hut 3 times in 1 week when my purge meter wasn’t even full 2 of the times and for ur information my Base was well defended with 14 tier 4 fighters 6 tier 4 archers and abt the same again tier 3 but they obviously didn’t do jack.

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Build up on a mesa, top of a tree, or something that isnt on the regular ground. You will never get purged.

That will sometimes cause the purge to spawn inside your structurers, just make sure to have some building going on the ground to reduce that chance.

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& @HalfricanThunder Just to be clear, it is intended that noone is able to escape the purge that way.


It’s funny on my server we have purges happening daily. And yup I have players complaining it works when they are online… which makes my head hurt.

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