Purges are annoying like hell

I got these fu****** Purges almost every fu******* Week!!! So this s*** buggy game ist really crap. Everytime i gonna log in the sh** my base is partly destroyed and the sh** purgemeter ist not down…so i gonna build it up again and the next time i gonna log in it´s again destroyed…are you f****** kidding me funcom??? It´s of course okay when i got a purge from time to time…but 3 a week??? REALLY???
You better gonna fix these buggy game before you release more of this crap cosmetic dlc´s

ya I’m sure your rant will get you what you want.


Build in a purge resistant platform. I have a vase in a tree. I never get purged. I also have one on top of Gods claw. Never get purged there. Its pretty easy to not get purged. Aka don’t build on the leveled ground. You can even build up rock formations npcs can’t climb up.

Sounds like somebody needs to strengthen their defenses. Purge in your instance is working as intended, its meant to be challenging. There isn’t anything buggy about it. If you want to avoid future purges, build a more purge resistant base. If you really hate the Purges so much, get off the vanilla servers and play on a private server that has the settings adjusted to what you want.

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Purges when they work are great. IE, when they hit you while you’re online and/or your Thralls actually defend. And yes, I realize purges hitting you offline is not a bug (though IMO it totally should be a bug).

They give you a reason to at least think about building defensively sound structures.


Purge fixes are being tested on the -public- TestLive branch currently. As TestLive progresses, more fixes will be added.

Although they can’t be tested very well because of low occurance (that’s what’s supposed to happen anyways) the fixing takes a little while, but they will likely come to Live together with the Pets update (as stated) :slight_smile:

See the TestLive subsection for more info.

LOL, that doesn’t stop them on my server. They spawn INSIDE the tree. Where we can’t penetrate nor our weapons or arrows but their arrows meanwhile kill all of our thralls and lay down some hurt on our characters and nothing we can do to stop it except let the purge timeout. Now that is cheating. Otherwise, purges are fun.

Well get off the trees you elves and fight like human do in fortified defensive bases

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Three times a week? Luxury! I get purges pretty much every night (usually when I’m logged off), and one day I had two purges in one day.

I’ve developed my base over time so the damage is minimal (a few damaged or destroyed building pieces and the odd killed thrall), but though I find the idea of purges to be a good one, I still have some problems.

  • My main base is to the south of the river near the starting area, but it still needs T2 pieces to survive for long. I have it built on columns in shallow water, and have a lot of thralls that seem to operate correctly. So far so good. I built a base in a medium risky area which for some reason didn’t get purged for weeks, then a nasty big boss scorpion turned up and destroyed half of it in one session, despite my defending it and the help of a level 60 friend, both of us with poison arrows. We shot the thing with hundreds of arrows but though we got it down to about 20% health we never killed it and eventually it timed out and went away, leaving almost none of my base standing. My point? These critters are unreasonably powerful. I gave up on that base and just kept the one I describe above. Yes, I know I could have built in a better area, like half way up a cliff, but somehow that seems like avoiding the problem, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the devs decided that was too easy and made mobs able to climb.

  • Purges occur when I’m logged off. (I know this is a feature). Every day I have some repair work to do, which is fine, but I wonder what will happen when I have to take a longish break from the game, like a vacation. Will I return to a half demolished base? I don’t think I have the patience to repeat all the hours I put into developing it.

  • Purges occur when I’m logged off. Another point. Defending against a purge is fun (but see my first point). I’d like the chance to do it more often.

Over all I’m enjoying the game, and I operate from my “safe” base via the map room and “traveling by death” (I’m on a private server that where we don’t lose stuff when dying, which helps enormously), but it would still be nice to build in these higher risk areas.

Oh, I play solo mostly.

That’s racist. What do you have against tree people? I hope they spawn inside your square walls

LOL.I’m on an official Server since release and only got three Purges yet.

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