Purge works, everyone left

I play with 3 others on an official server, we just started and got our base built, got to level 25ish and using iron weapons with some steel. The the purge came and the first few waves were fine but then a 3 skull boss spawned and we lost everything. There was no chance of defeating him in time he tore it all apart so fast. Also, they spawned on our roof, I thought the purge moves towards you so you can try to defend it but they spawned on the roof and started destroying everything in seconds. At level 25 you just can’t beat him in a couple of minutes or less.

Worse yet the timer did not reset all the way, we are already at 30% into the next purge, buy time we rebuild the base it will be back.

Everyone I was playing with left and we do not want to go to somebody’s hosted server.
Is there a way to build the base so this doesn’t happen? Remember we are low level, but should be in the 30’s buy the next purge.

I am guessing that you guys didnt build near the river in the starting area. The further you go north the stronger the purge will be.

Along the river you only get weak defari or imps. With one that has a little bit more hp.

It is designed so that way so you can build a starter base. Get your levels and skills Then move north when you can take along allot of thralls or pets to defend your base


Did not know that…we had 40 pets but I did not know they spawn on the roof. I did see a video that said because they spawn right on your base you can build a structure that the final boss spawns on then collapse it and he dies from the fall.

We had all the pets because for some reason are base gets these spawns of wolves that have Wolf - Fighter - Guarding on their names just like pets. our pets kill about 100 of these everyday, not sure were they come from does anyone know?

This is what happend in the last seconds i played this game. The purge spawned inside my base on the roof. There is absolutely no excuse for this gameplaycatastrophe. Was just watching the enemys in my base destroying everything, thinking about how extrem ugly and dump this is. The game was in this moment just broken. When you search for gamebreakers, this is one! Why would you build defenses and walls when they spawn in your base? It makes the complete building a nonsense.
I left the game and never came back till now. Not because of loosing any stuff, generally to see such mega bllsht.
Then i googled about it and it seems THIS IS A INTENDED FEATURE!!!
This is for people who build in unreachable positions, this gamebreaker is coded on purpose.

  1. When a player dont want to deal with the purge, why you force him to do so? Its his own decision. So you ruin the game for him.
  2. I want to deal with the purge, cant await it to defend against. But they spawn on my roof and run straight in the middle of my base and the situation is way to ugly for me to wanna deal with it.
    So you destroy my game too.

Then the epic patch day comes, i was scrolling down till PURGE FIXES and i thought wow epic, now it comes but i only read this:
Fixed an issue where the Rocknose purge would spawn too many Ice Rocknose Kings.
Ye it was the hardest purge and now we know why but is this really all you have to say under the term"Purge Fixes"?

And no, i didnt build at all, not even slightly to block the pathing to my base over terrain.


I have seen a video people trying to avoid this. They build a 8size round tower in the middle of wide open grassland and the purge spawned inside.
Devs, pls, for the love, its very very easy for you: Dont allow a purge to spawn inside claimed areas, thats all.
When some guys build on the water or on a unreachable mountain because they wanna play without the purge, then fckn let them play without it! I dont care if they miss some gameplaycontent, its their decision!

If you want to play without the purge, play on a server without it. They should fix spawn issues when the base does have ground access, though.

But, IMO, the game needs every system that can break/discourage inaccessible bases as it can get. Bricks on sticks are lame.

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Because this would be a huge advantage to people who cant get purged. They will utilize the resources they saved from not having to rebuild and use them to grow bigger faster than those who have to defend against the purge. It would eventually move to become meta.

I only have the purge spawning on my roof once before, as all my bases are reachable through land. So not sure how it works for people who build high up. But I always leave a small path to ensure they come in a certain way.

From my limited time playing this game, it seems like the purge is relative to the area/zone you are in. If you capture fighter and archer thralls near your base they should be able to defend your base from the local purges as they should scale pretty nice. Always have fighter purges inside your base as archers are not 100% reliable at preventing the purge from getting in.

there r ways to “safe” ur build, even when u know that purge will spawn in or on top… if i knew they would spawn on roof, i would just add 2 new floors, fill the top one with the best tiered building pieces i could get, and then put in him as many fighters as i could equipped with weapons… would add some palisades outside the doors (in case purge breaks them and decide to lower the place… below it i would add a floor having as many palisades as i could craft) the top floor would also have a truncheon chest in case the purge is humans (and special named r delivered to my very doorstep)…
another way is to build at a cliffside… main compartments at ground level , importan chests at midle one (hanging from the cliff) and last but not least a top compartment with something u can afford to loose but adds value for purge to hunt for (so they spawn on top in case they decide to spawn at ur place)… a t 3 shrine would be nice (or any tier) and a wheel of pain would also do as purge ussually aims this (also vaults)… Purgecatchers also work as they will help split the purge main force and isolate AoE dmg (on lets say rocknoses) or the main force of the purge, as they will spend time trying to demolish this… purge cathers, r small unimportant builds that r layered around ur place in a way that if something attacks ur base will get in his way and will take some time to destroy delaying the attack and breaking the force that attacks apart ( these can be decorative builds (like lets say some foundations that host a well -so u also help the server, or a small safe to log out hut, a role playing style build like a small "church/shrine etc) .
Outsmart the mechanics m8!!! i can show u some ways live if u like also

have fun and really go get the next purge to show who is the survivor!!! tell ur friends the same … and get back on track to dominate buddy :)))))

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