The Purge spawn location is broken

This is on a freshly wiped and reset server. The purge meter filled as it should, and finally actually initiated as it should when the bar filled up, so both those are good and an improvement.

However in Funcoms attempt to prevent people from creating un-aidable bases they screwed the whole system up. Now at least half the purge spawns in the upper levels of a base, even when the base is built on open terrain fully connected to land.

It’s such a stupid mechanic that it’s funny Bethesda level shlt, I really wish I had recorded it because it was comically bad.

Just imagine defending a 6 x 6 three story tower in the middle of the open on noob river with no other defenses except 8 shalebacks and 2 crocodiles. Then the purge happens (it’s exiles) and for a while everything is fine and fun, then on the 4th wave we hear fighting but see no exiles. I become curious and walk over to his tower behind us, where I hear noise coming from.

I open then door and am run over and pushed aside as all the pets outside the tower (9 total) rush into the tower and begin slaughtering everything is sight. Two more waves spawn in the top floor of the tower while this is all going on, and the floor was littered with at least 25 or 30 exile corpses our clan mates top floor bedroom.

Please fix this, it’s really stupid.

We just had this happen last night with us as well. Three people in clan, first time ever experiencing a purge {even though have had game since before release day 1} . We each built small bases close to each other till we build our joint main building, well the guy with the smallest house with just one shaleback was where they went , we were already there waiting though with help. Everything was going great till 3rd wave, they all spawned in his hut , on top his hut, and on top his pen. So did every wave after that, it was crazy.

Ok, lets theorize that all the waves should spawn outside your base.

What happens if a player builds on the side of the cliff, where the only way up or down to it, is to climb? The purge cannot get to it, which is one of the reasons why the purge works the way it does. I think its kind of cool that they finally have it working right. This means you need defenses everywhere!

That’s lame, what’s the point of building any kind of defenses then. As I stated in the post I understand the purpose behind it, but the problem is the feature is broken and not working as intended. Unless the purpose is Funcom trolling it’s players. I earlier criticized Firesparks youtube video a bit where he was being critical of the current state of CEs Ai. But frankly he’s right and I wish he wasn’t.

Atm I’ve built a Fortress like structure that has animals and fighters at the front, beside the walls, and archers with Venom Swords on the roof, as well as fighters indoors and in the rooms.

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