Please fix the purge!

I’m not going to waste my time by doing a bug report, you are all well aware of this bug, its a years old bug .

I’m so tired of having a purge just to have NPC’S spawn under my base or in the ground. This has happened the last 10 purges at multiple bases.

Out of the last ten, I’ve only been able to complete one purge without having to wait for the time to run out.

I can deal with many of the other bugs, but this one is unacceptable.


Just prior to the Siptah update I finally made the sad decision to turn the purge completely off in my single player game (which really, really sucks). I too was sick of purge waves spawning inside my bases, even though my bases were perfectly accessible and some purges worked just fine in their entirety. Apart from the spawning inside my base which I LOATHE, the purge mechanic is just too buggy generally to enjoy anymore. It used to work so much better a year or so ago.

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