Purge broken as ..... plz Fix your Game!


New start and 1 week later we got a purge with Scorpion king and he wiped us (fresh start only 1 week / great balance) with no chance!

Then we Farmed every Day (min 8 hours a day) for about a Week and build a T3 Base inside a lake but with enough room to acces (bridge 3 foundations wide and towers on land) so no matter to spawn inside our new base. Every fu…ing mob can easily entrance and attack. But the purge spawns inside our House and we got wiped aggain (thralls standing infront the building and do nothing). Sry but this game feels like an Alpha or Beta and its absolut no fun to farm 1-2 weeks nonstop and get wiped without any reason and non incomprehensible gameplay mechanics!

Sry english is not my native Language

Hi, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. As a solo I had a similar experience yesterday but survived.

If you try to hide from the purge and not allow it a clear way to attack you, the enemies will spawn inside your base. It is best to make bases in purge areas have only one attack point so that invaders will come at you and be easily seen. I did not use them, but palisades (made of branches and twine) do damage to players and NPCs. Be careful with your defender thralls and pets around these palisades. With small and large palisades you will be able to create a kill box around your house and fend off every wave until the last one. Then you need to focus yourselves and one strong thrall each on the Scorpion Boss. I had one fighter and one archer.

This was after 6.5 days of play. Good luck in the future.

We know that the Purge Mobs need a way / possibility to easily reach and attack the Base. We build a big bridge with foundations for this purpose but it doesnt matter. Its so frustrating nobody knows for sure how the purge exactly works and which conditions must be met… game feels so unfinished and like Funcom has no more interest to balance and fix the game

It has happened to me as well. I have a clear shot do my base. In fact its in level ground with a lot of attack points.

It seems that the issue is mainly the pathing of the purge. They want to come in a specific direction and if they cant they appear in the base.

My clan is due for a purge tonight or tomorrow. Im not 100% sure that my defences will hold. So now I keep thralls and pets inside as well as outside so they can manage mobs when they come.

I know I need more thralls.

The problem is not what you built, but hte fact they need a clear NATURAL path to reach your base.

Also, protecting the inside and ceilings from some nasty purge spawns it’s not a bad idea anyway :wink:

About “balance the game” etc. each type of purge can spawn only in a limited area, so in a certain spot of the map you can be purged only by some types of enemies, you can check here:


I feel your pain. I’ve had purges spawn on the roof of bases that were on flat ground with no rivers, cliffs, etc. too. Also seen purge spawn on the middle floors of someone’s towers at Circle of Silence even though its foundations were on solid ground.

Anyway, while I normally equip defenders with weapons designed to KO purge T4s, because of how crazy the spawn points have been, I now put pets and other defenders with lethal weaponry on the roof tops and indoors. This is so that if the purge spawns in an unexpected and sensitive spot that I’m not likely to notice (like my armory) that they get taken out as quickly as possible, new thralls be damned.

Also, remember that the purge meter fills up based off of how active you are, whereas the meter slowly decreases when no one in the clan is online. So if your whole clan is working overtime to build a new base, then the purge will arrive super fast.


Good luck!


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