Purges broken after latest patch/update

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Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

Okay so after the latest patch the Purges are so screwed up. Yesterday we had one, the black keep skeleton one, and the skeletons spawned inside our base, but literally in the ice!!!. We couldn’t even finish the first wave because we could not reach them to kill them all. I have a YouTube link I will include that my clan mate recorded of this happening. Also while browsing other conan groups on FB, I found another screenshot someone posted of a purge after this patch. Please can you fix this?, as we were really enjoying our purges when they were working properly.
Someone else can post what has happened to them on this thread to pull some weight with funcom that this is a serious issue.

Purge inside Base

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game
  2. Get a purge
  3. Enemies spawn inside base and in structures
  4. Fail purge because they are unkillable.
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Hi @Babyfacekane, thank you for your report, we’ll relay this information to the developers.

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@Hugo I know you said you are submitting the info to developers, but here is another screenshot of a post in the conan group on FB. Just wanted to post another example from someone else, that it is a widespread bug.Screenshot_20200515-070959_Facebook

Reporting same thing, The foundation the game picks as “purge point” Cause enemies to teleport to it.

They’ll come down road, outta forest etc like normal, some will stay to fight you, rest will teleport to attack point.

If you try and lure them away from base, (trying prevent thralls from killing t4, they’ll teleport to attack point.

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