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#1022 server, are the Purges bugged? I am now Lvl 60 and every Purge that’s happened has lasted 5 minutes and has been hyenas. I was looking forward to defending my base but seems piontless, other than that its a great game, thanks

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Hey @Brambo

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Don’t mind us editing your post a little to increase clarity :slight_smile:
We’re aware of some issues with the purge and we’re aiming to improve its mechanics. Additionally, each biome has different eligible purges. You can read more about it in this entry from the Wiki:
Thanks for your feedback.

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we had quite the opposite

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Thanks for your responses and links. At least I get a load of skins out of it :sunglasses:

The purges are broken from the moment of release, from May 2018. All the differences in the patches were how critical they were. There was a patch when they were not working. Then there was a patch when enemies of the same kind appeared (although there should have been a variety). In April (or May? I don’t remember exactly), a patch was released in which the enemies could not find the player’s base and did not appear at all, despite the purge signal (this can be seen in the error text in the server logs). I could understand if the base was built somewhere on a rock, a tree or in another unusual place (as players on PvP servers usually do) - but my bases were built on an open plain, since I played on my own server and I was only interested in PvE. And in 80% of attempts to generate enemies, I received an error - the server simply could not choose the point at which to place the enemies so that they could attack me.
I did not try the last patch - I wait in the hope that the developers will fix the bug at least 2 years after its appearance.

I feel your pain, @VadimAleks and @Brambo. I once had 21 straight critter purges, and that was after I started keeping track. I posted here and kept it updated; a lot of sympathy and advice, then the whole thing popped.

I went to the page @Ignasis posted, we destroyed some bases and built elsewhere and started getting NPCs. I still get partial purges and weird Event Logs, but less and less often.

I agree that the purge system needs work, but also think the devs are concentrating on it.

One place I built was very near Sepermeru (private online) and put 7 T4s in the wheel from tonite’s purge. Granted, that was my best ever, but it does point to the fact that some aspects of the purge are working. It seems to be like real estate, location.location.location.

Please take some time with Ignasis’ link and consider moving your main base using the maps as a guide. Get rid of the ones that give bad results. It’s mainly for the interim, since I think the system will be upgraded soon.

Best of luck, and regards


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