PC EU 1300 Purge is broken

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

In day when purge should be begin, I had 3 different waves of Purge. First one attacked my old home and after 30 sec I got message that I won. But I was on other house and did not have any thralls in that home. Second wave was the same. And third wave attacked my general home. This only one wave that I have seen. After that I have not got any message about Purge, have not seen any damage to my base when I was offline. I was asking another players on that server, they had the same issue. Purge in not working now. A lot of us have full Purge metter indicatir and nothing happens. It is not refresed, we don’t have Purge attacks. As I understand it is server related issues because another servers have a Purge.

Up! 2 weeks Purge is broken for all known me players on PVE PC EU 1300!
Are you kidding to post something like https://conandevtracker.com/?post=azqmmevb ? I’ve seen just ONE wave of Purge since release. It was 2 weeks ago. Purgemeter is full during 2 week and not reset.

One month without Purge. Latest patch fixes nothig regarding that issue. Will it be fixed sometime!?