[PC] Purge bugged on Official #1500 (Possibly fixed)

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

For the past two nights on Official #1500, members of our server have gotten purge warnings when their bars were full and a message moments later that the purge was defeated. No one has seen any purge monsters show up. Please review Official #1500 PVE

Last night when my purge bar hit the first bar and it became purge prime time I did in fact receive a purge and was able to successfully complete it. I don’t know if it worked itself out, was fixed or what. I will be on the look out tonight and tomorrow to see if anyone else gets their purge and update this but for now it seems to be working.

Edit 2:
Tonight we had a couple purges. There was a player who got 2 purge messages but were immediately defeated. Then we had one player who lived right next to the first who got a purge, but with no boss so we are still waiting on that. The third player who also lived in the same area also got a purge, much smaller than the first on that actually showed up. So I believe it may actually be working on 1500 now, and maybe the smaller false purges are being taken out by local thralls. Thanks

Many people are reporting issues with the Purge, it’s certainly not working 100% yet, and the server settings can vary the issues people are having.

One thing I have noticed is that, if you are AFK at the time of the Purge and return after it has finished, the moment you move your mouse to return to the game that you’ll get all the warnings displayed. I suspect many players are seeing this and blame the Purge when in fact, the messages had been queued and all display when you return.

Tonight the player that got the purge warning and immediately defeated messages wasn’t afk at the time as we were running around together, so I don’t think that’s entirely it.

My theory is that the issues with things falling through the ground, bodies, thralls, people etc, that some of the purges are also falling through the ground and dying. I don’t know.