Is the Purge working for you / your server?


Hey, after reporting the issue in the adequate section, and having absolutely no news about it, I think it’s time to see how many people is affected with this issue, so maybe we can investigate and find out what happens, or show developers how many people are needing a fix for this.

The problem: Purge triggers, showing you the warning of “Purge coming, prepare in 10 minutes!” but shortly after that warning (lenght varies) you get a “Congratulations, you defeated purge” (or similar) message. Without a single mob to show up.

In my case this happens since day one, with my meter full (in the second line), during purge times, and with an accessible base. Currently, I still get this Purge messages, but my purge meter doesn’t reset, and stays full.

After checking on my server, steam forums, and even here, I found a good amount of people having this or similar issue, so I would like to have all these similar experiences to show in this thread, so we can get a fix asap.


I’ve seen no purge in nearly a month. It was broken with the first major purge patch after the purge was initially introduced. Before that patch I was getting multiple purges per day, which I was happy with.

I’m on single player, all vanilla settings except with decay disabled. No mods.


Thanks for your reply!

That’s why I try to get other’s people comments in this thread, otherwise I will need to screenshot every ingame comment of players saying how broken is purge for them (which I could but would be very tiresome hehe)

I have yet to witness a single purge, and I’ve been almost obsessed with building Purge ready bases since release XD. I’ve come to a point I just wish I don’t get trolled with the failed Purge warnings, and just keep playing. I loved blood moon / horde mechanic in 7days to die, and this is really frustrating.

In my official pve server, no Purge happened for me, despite multiple warnings. Some players had purge to work (hurray xD) but I can say more than 20 reported no Purge happening / only warnings / Purge meter not resetting.

Owner of dedicated G-portal server (10 slots). Everything including purge mechanic is working as intended.

So far the ONLY bug I have encountered since launch is message of the day not updating/showing after edit.

Call me The Chosen One or The Blessed as I (or my server) must have been enchanted by some bugresistant aura or spell :upside_down_face:

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Those were quite fun. I experienced some purges before the patch I mentioned and I have to say, the blood moon from 7D was done much better.

I think you really are The Chosen One. :wink:

Every report is useful, so thanks anyway! Maybe they can conclude (with more feedback) Purge happens in small servers, but then the database collapses, or who knows!

I will wait for “genunine” answers like this, but I still could start copy pasting other’s reports about same issues, spread in many threads…Chosen One XD

Do you get a red crossed swords icon on you base location?


Server on G portal, no purge automatically. We need to use the command to make it happen.


Yep, I get the icon marking the attack location. It lasts 1-2 minutes, then purge notification about it being finished.

Enough to troll me, making me run to the location, and get disappointed in less than 5 minutes haha. While asking to other people in my server (I go lil bit mad when that happens XD) other people have had exactly the same, purge notification, red cross in map, no purge coming.

Sometimes we thought the purge warning bug was due to neighbours having purges, but the red cross really makes us doubt.

Thanks for your comment, we may find what happens!

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Same experiencie for me on private server. Purge works fine after major purge patch, but no purge at all after that. It seems that some of posterior minor patches returned Purge to broken initial situation.

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I’ve just survived 2 purges in 2 day with out swinging a sword.
I got the message. 10 seconds later I’m told I survived. No one shows.

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Thanks for your comments! I see we are many having same issue, and I don’t think all our bases are unnaccesible or anything

Sadly, I see this purge mechanic is broken for many of us. Since the bug reports I have done (or the steam and official forum posts I’ve seen) about this matter have had absolutely no official response, maybe if they see this is widespread, they will tell us something.

Maybe a fix is in the works? Maybe not, but they know about this issue? Maybe they didn’t know and will start working after reading our threads?

I don’t know, and while again, I / we can patiently wait, this issue should be fixed “someday” xD

I run a gportal server. PVE. We have not had a purge since release and the meter has been full. We did have a few “you are being purged” and then we’d get a couple waves of naked barbarians and then it would be over as it glitched out.


Gportal - Rented Online Server - Xbox


1 Clan

Purge Meter is at 100% and has been for over 7 days.

Zero purge events.


Nope. On ps4, pvp my own server. Meter has been full for like two days :frowning:


Been full for 3 days on Offical PvE-Conflict nothing as of yet. :frowning:


On a private server that turned the purge off due to false purge alerts. We also had an isolated incident where a small number of purge NPCs spawned in the wrong biome.


Private 20 slot server
5-15 players active at most times
Several clans
Full bar for 5 days, no purge.


Never seen one. I play on a private server now so maybe that has something to do with it? But even on the #1930 cesspool, I still never saw one.


I was purged for an hour by werehyenas by the sinkhole 2 days before ea ended. I’m in the same place now and just the 2 false starts. Meter full.

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