#1074 PVP - Purge not working


The purge meter has hit the the max 3 days ago and it never happened.

When are the devs going to fix the purge?

Since many of the named Thralls only spawn during said purge.

its a shame that one official server dont have the purge system working and a custom server can do it fine just because the official server dont have admin’s

7 days now with the purge meter on max…

PvE #1505 here and since the patch not a single purge yet. I’m not only talking about me but pretty much the entire server since we always ask each other if there’s any purge happening.

I would like an explanation from FUNCOM about this because if it really is not working and they’re not planning of hot fixing it soon then this is it for me. Purge is pretty much the only incentive to play this game, on PvE.

We got purges on 1040.

Remember, a lot of people are queued for purges. Both active and inactive.

Got it today…only 3 waves of skeletons.

2 weeks of farming to get 3 minutes of action on the server :slightly_frowning_face:

Heya all,.

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