Purges that dont work fix please

Online official, server 1040

Could we get a fix for the purges soon, we are a few that lives near sinkhole and summoners place, and the purges we get there are so bugged, ive had 5 hyena purges in a row where all you do is sit and wait for 45 mins or more for the purge to finish since nothing shows up, had lizards yesterday all i saw was 3-4 lizards that spawned on a roof even though there plenty of space around the base, after killing the few lizards purge ended, so theres in a way 2 bugs, one where the attack never happens and 1 where it ends allmost before it gets started.

  1. no clue how to fix the bug? start by making the purges spawn and attack?

I suppose that the enemies spawned under the map. In this case they are invisible for you but existing.

There are many spots on the map, where purge enemies may spawn unter the map.

My suggestion to solve this issue: Put the calculated spawn points hight in the air, make a ray cast down to the ground and use the first rayCastHit on the terrainCollider. Maybe compare and tweak it by a hightmap and/or Buildinglocations.

There are not so many purges, the performance should not be compromised by these calculations.


The issue with purges with hyenas has been posted several times. This is the link to the latest post about it. Purge creating hyena cubs that you have to find and kill to start the next wave

It’s basically a known issue with Hyena purges spawning pups randomly for some reason also and “breaking” the purge.

Not sure about the “Bask of Lizards” purge. I’ve had 2 or 3 of those and 2 of them worked fine to the end. One broke because someone built a house on top of one of the spawn zones for part of the purge so the ones there spent the rest of the purge trying to get out from under this house/beating on the foundations. :slight_smile:

UE4 has this basically already built in. Though an even better result would be a simple spawn slightly above the ground. But given my experience with purges I don’t believe the spawn points are calculated. I think they are set points which then the NPCs are told to attack towards a point.

Hey @Dkmikes

We’re aware of some issues currently affecting the purge mechanic and out team is looking into them.
Apologies for the frustration and thanks for your feedback.

I’m not sure if this is one of the issues the team is looking at but last night I was playing for the first time in a few weeks on our dedicated server. While we were doing the Warmaker’s dungeon a purge spawned, we dealt with it and within a few mins of it ending a new purge message popped up and the purge meter wasn’t even to the purge line. I ended up having to turn it off for now.

I’ve had that hyena purge in a location nearby. When it spawns, there will be hyena kittens as well. You must kill them or the purge will go on like this.

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