Purge creating hyena cubs that you have to find and kill to start the next wave

Having a problem where the purge starts ( being attacked by Hyenas ), Hyenas attack stronghold as normal but the purge is also generating Hyena cubs which do no attack and you have to search for ( in some cases a very long search ) and kill in order to start the next wave


I’ve noticed this on my server as well–and not just with hyena purges, but also Darfari. We’ll sweep the entire area (our village encompasses multiple players’ bases), make sure there’s nobody around inside or out, but the purge won’t complete/advance. Eventually we’ll turn our attention to the wandering hyena cubs, and boom–one of the lil’ whippersnappers trips the switch. Bizarre.

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I experienced the same thing Saturday with a hyena purge. Two separate waves generated cubs. I eventually found them, but with tall grass and surrounding hills it was difficult.

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Probably just a coincidence, but in any case: last time we helped a new player at his first purge, it was a hyenas purge with puppies.

The very last enemy we killed to win the purge was a puppy, when I killed it (and the game had to notify the purged player of the end of the purge and journey step survive to a purge done) the server crashed.

At the server restart the player said the journey step was marked as completed and purge-meter resetted.

Probably just a coincidence, but really strange, because I noticed the connection lost ( your client thinks it’s still connected but you can’t interact with ambient for few seconds before your client aknowledge the lost connection to crashed server) in the same instant the puppy was dead and the purge ended (poor puppy, please remove them from purges, they’re too cute to have to kill them :cry:).

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Hey @CliveBonstrom

Welcome to our community.
We’re aware of this problem and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the frustration.

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That’s a damned good question! I’ll have to try that next time we have a dodgy Purge!

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I ignorantly tried that tonight. Put the kittens from the first wave in a box. No further animals came, the purge went on for a whole hour (couldn’t build, red x, event log), then signaled it had been defeated.


I didn’t tryed because it was not me who was purged.

I was afraid of bugging the purge of the new player I was helping.

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