Purge bugged by babies (potential pets)

I started a new playthrough and set up a base along the south river. Two purges have triggered for that base. Both were Hyenas. It starts normally, but after killing the aggressive hyenas, the purge just stops. Apparently, there are baby hyenas that are part of the purge, but they just wander around. They won’t attack nor will they allow the next wave in the purge to continue. I’ve tried picking up all the babies I could find, but the purge won’t continue (maybe there was one still wandering around? In any case, its making the purge rather anti-climatic. It won’t continue and nothing “attacks”. After time ran out, the Purge ended with only one partial first wave for the whole Purge.

Recommend keeping the ‘baby’ potential pets out of the early waves of the purge. Either eliminate them from the spawn table or save them until the last wave so that Purge can complete as intended.


Wandering or lost thralls or like here pets are still a problem in purges.

I didn’t have lot hyenas purges, so didn’t run in the issue with the babies, just got some in an unique waves in combination with exiles.
While babies are a cute idea, there should be more an add than properly counted at ennemis. Sure they will never attack, and wander around, ever avoid closer contact.

But anyway, any lost ennemis in a purge may hang the purge, and make it unable to complet.
The volcano is the most problematic place for that i know. Like in my last purge where i simply never saw any ennemis. But it ended, that’s the good thing.

At the river, an ennemis or here hyenas may simply be stuck in a cliff or rock somewhere. Happened to me with thralls and with same result then, uncompleted purge.

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Good points. In the situation I was reporting, there aren’t any big rocks or cliffs for them to get stuck in… but maybe they got stuck “underwater.” There’s lots of water surrounding my base.

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Water may be also a problem, i agree. Ever out purge runtime, i see still lot underwater animals like bunnies and such.
But fortunately i didn’t see anymore the underwater black rhino that haunted one of the oasis a time.:skull_and_crossbones:

Purge should reset anyway if to long, ever if a lost survivor.

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Thanks for the feedback again @Bodin. We’re sending it to our team so they can look into it :slight_smile:

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So far, I’ve found at least three babies in a Purge raid. There may have been more, but that’s all that showed up when Hyenas attacked.

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