Purge spawns not as intended, either undermesh, inside mountains or on roofs of buildings that are on perfectly flat ground

Game mode: :Online private
Type of issue: : Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Witnessed several purges around the map now, that don’t spawn as intended at all. We have plenty more than just those 3 examples but considering the locations, they made the most sense to me to bring up.

Base build onto the shore of the sea of Mounds of the dead, B11, the purge when Yetis, isn’t showing up at all! they are a complete no show!

t3 Base build on the cliff at G7, there is a natural way up there. Before the base got turned into t3, the purge spawned perfectly found its way up to the base with ease. After the upgrade to t3, the purge spawns every single time on top of the roof!

Base build at M8, on the hill with the 2 giant mammut trees that are perfect for tree houses. I refrained from building onto the trees and used the surrounding area rather.
The purge wasn’t able to spawn anywhere. Not even under the mesh, only the last two waves had one spawn point that worked on 1 side of the base. Which is not normal at all. Usually, we see 2 spawn points per wave, at opposite areas of the base.

Further info:


these settings work usually pretty damn well. the purge meter fills okay, just is being empty too fast when not logged into for a day.

But aside from that, we don’t have issues with the settings… it’s only the wonky spawns that making the purges a frustration rather than a fun factor. I know we use a few mods, but none of them were an issue prior patch41 and the latest hotfixes. the mods are well maintained also.

Really hope you can help shed some light in this and maybe offer a fix for the wonky spawns.


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