Purge inside/ on the base!

To day i had a purge and it spawn on the roof not long from the outer wall whit flat ground, and then a waiv got stuck somwher and nothing happend. And whit erlier posts like this i think o know how purge works (yes when it doden buggs out like to day.) so its not work as it supose to.


I’ve built apex bases with flat roofs on top of ancient giant-king pillars and such, and had purges spawn on my roof, chew through the roof, and gut my bases.

Pitched roof designs seem less prone to this behavior.

Also if you watch the pattern of purges in that location (like in single player with the purge timer advanced) you can learn where the purges come from, and then provide a walkable path from those directions to your base, and that will help you construct in a way that has them spawning outside your walls/palisades rather than inside of the base.

Both wak4863 and Firespark have several YouTube videos showing you how to build to get the purge, how to build to avoid the purge, and where to build for ideal purges for your goals. Check them out.


Yes have sean thos videos, so think i know how its supose to work but still it bugges.

Spec when mobs get stuck in a wall or under ground to.

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I always found hilarious that, when you try to build a perfect defended base as the game pushes you to do, it can’t be as perfect as you would…
Imagine a medieval lord discussing with his carpenters where to build his castle to defend against the rival:
• “Aah,the top the mountain would be perfect, high and well defended”
“oh no myLord, we can’t build that high.”

• “oh…why? We do not have any resources?”
“Oh no myLord, we have plenty”

• “Then, some wild beasts live there and it’s too dangerous?”
“oh no mylord, our scouts already dealt with them”

• “Mh, so the location is not secure or is it too cold?”
“oh nono myLord the ground is good and we have good woods”

• “so whadda-ef is the issue about building up there??!”
“myLord… it wont’ be accessible for our enemies, we have to build a road for them!”

• “aaahh right right, sometimes I forget that a base HAS to be perfectly accessible for the enemies!”


Over the weekend we have had 5 purges 2 from Sobec followers spawning properly along river. 2 snake spawns appearing right at our feet and there was access only 2 waves. Out side Semperatu scorpions spawning properly. Scorpion and Sobec purge where at small wheel of pain outposts.


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