Purge on roof, No room to spawn?

I’m writing this and want it to be a constructive as possible. I had a purge last night and it landed on the top of my base. It seemed weird because I thought there was plenty of room to spawn around my base. It’s located near the Mounds of the Dead, directly below the Outcast Camp. I’m not upset about the damage or the experience but I would like to know that it’s intended in this location and maybe some reasoning behind it spawning on the roof. I have attached a video for reference.

Crazy Purge


My experience has been that this happens when there’s no route from the purge spawn point to your base. Put some structures out a bit from your base that can become the focus of the purge.

As helium3 wrote, if the purg cannot finde any route to your base it will spawn inside/on top of it. However, as was reported earlier by other players, the purge still doesn’t worke 100 percent by now. For examples your purge in the North shouldn’t consist of Bandits but Nordheimers etc. The only solution by now is to have guards on all floors.

I certainly don’t feel that a route couldn’t be pathed to the base from at least 2 locations the back side is on a cliff but there is plenty of room to the side and the front in my opinion.

I had the same problem as @Wak4863. But my house was an one story house with roofs to the ground. The Purge spawned on my roof. No walls are blocking the way of, there is always a direct path to my house, so no need for the purge to cheat.

I don’t see it as a cheat or even a bad thing. They have been clear that if there isn’t a path to the base they will spawn inside or on top. But they have also said its a work in progress hence the post and the video. If it’s not intended they should know if it is intended I’ll need to adjust and adapt to the game mechanic.

Cheat was meant ironically, despite that it is somehow unfair that they do not come across the open field.

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Sorry @Thyris I mistook what you wrote. It’s hard to picture where people have built. See a lot of posts that talk about purges spawning in bases unfortunately most of them don’t give you a look into where the base is and what happened. I think the more screen shots and video we feed the devs the better understanding they have to solve potential issues.

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no problem mate, no problem.

My home is the one on the far right. as you can see, no walls blocks the purge. They have direct access to my house… if they wish.

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I see what you mean. I guess the purge is still just buggy.

Is it north west of the mounds of the dead? Nice build by the way. Like the way it looks like a small town.

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It is directly west to the icy bridge at the lake. I prefer more, smaller buildings then a large one.

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