Purge Protected areas (PS4)

A Purge is something most of us have dealt with a time or two at least , and when building our Bases a Purge is something we need to be mindful of

So i have started playing around in single player building bases in areas one would think a purge could not reach like upon a rock bluff covering the entire bluff with only a elevator to gain access , or in the middle of a deep body of water thinking that the Purge be it whatever level cannot climb jump or swim , I build then trigger a purge to test my area …Only to have packs of purge beast to spawn inside my base walls , i have stood back and watched as they seem to rise up thru the floor foundations,

These bases have been in size from 8x8 foundations on up to massive size bases all have been 2 walls high before i put a ceiling on, all the floor area is covered with foundations and all foundation areas are cover with ceilings and roofs, except some of the Massive bases in this case the foundations all join together to cover the entire land mass and then foundations are built on top of each other to make fortress walls and then walled and roof structures are built inside … I can kinda understand it on massive bases, because one could argue the purge climbed or jump over the walls to get to the walled structures inside

It has got me wondering is this the game Mechanics or a bug introduced in a prior update
have any of you guys/gals on any console or PC had this happen?

I don’t know that it can be called a bug, it’s been that way for a while. If none of your base is reachable by the purge mobs, they will spawn inside the base. I usually build my base on top of some of the ruins, then put an elevator down to a gatehouse. The purge just hits the gatehouse without spawning inside my house.

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Per the purge notes, the Devs specifically stated that if you build an inaccessible base, the purge will spawn IN it and ON it. This is an intended feature of the purge and just the way the game mechanics work. You are better off building an accessible base with traps, outbuildings, and obstructions. Or just build on top of your neighbor and they will attack them…


This is intentional. If the game sees you’re trying to block/prevent the purge’s ground pathing to your base, they’ll spawn inside. And often that can be worse for you.

Not to mention that purges can be a good thing.You want them to happen, not try to prevent them.

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Sometimes they spawn in or on them even with a clear path.

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So the Gatehouse is kinda like or could be considered a sacrificial structure , I like this concept , I just wonder does the purge only hit the highest tier of buildings or not, if not sandstone hut/houses could be used in the same way

LOL, I like the Ideal about the neighbor …even in real life i like the ideal about the neighbor

Unless wiping out a neighbor is what you call a good thing …I am at a loss but open minded LOL

Yeah, we had a base covering 4 treehouses and a pretty big ground area. One time a wave still spawned up in a tree.

So I put a small 6x6 shack made of sandstone and thatch roof down by my palace. The loaded it full of pots and stuff I took from enemies. Now the purge rialbly wants to attack that.

Placebles seem to work. We were offline purged and that structure was demolished and my palace was not touched at all


Kind of sacrificial, so yea, sandstone could work. I built it with Frontier stuff because I was going for a good look and wanted to see if it made it. So I have a gatehouse on the ground with archers, archer roosts up the walls, and an elevator inside to the main gatehouse. Last purge broke one gate and part of the wall, and knocked a few archers down.
Kind of a pain to redo it, but nothing major.

I am used to smooth cliff surfaces with layer of foundations when I build atop of mesas - this way building looks more prominent and give a feel as if it was carved out of the rock.
But yesterday I was hit by a Purge and NPC was spawning INSIDE foundations. And for the record - they where Band of starving Exiles and NOT the Undead. So they have spawned inside the blocks and started attacking them. I could clearly see their weapons sticking out beyond foundation borders. Good thing it was a single player game so I just restarted it, but imagine something similar going on in multiplayer?
The hole thing kinda looks like this (excuse my poor Pain skillz)

I know I don’t have a clear access to my base from the ground and I know this way Purge should spawn atop of the structure (and I have experienced such Purges before), but spawning inside the building blocks? Such poor implementation of Purge spawn point undermines the idea of free building.

I agree spawing inside the building blocks does not make sense

The game is about building growing and surviving and becoming the dominate force to be reckoned with be it PVP or PVE

In this type of environment a smart person would look for areas to that offered protection from the forces they have to overcome in which to build and shelter defend etc.
I also understand that no area should be 100% purge proof However we should not have to worry about purges spawning inside our structures or inside the building pieces themselves ,
what good does it do to set up defenses for purge attacks when the purge can simply spawn on the opposite side of them or the spawn point simply bypass them in general …I mean i can run on top of my structure looking for the purge attack point only to find it is already inside and under my roof attacking

I also noticed at times the purge completely ignores access, and spawn in the base anyways. In my single player game I have up and down river and one of the upper banks a purge can attack, but instead a bunch of imps form on a upper platform!! Come to think of it, that was the only wave, the purge ended.
Thankfully I am not that trusting, and had sentries there to deal with such a possibility, from reading the forums.
PC version of the game…

I’ve seen this too. Our village encompasses a large-ish area, with all our clan’s structures contained within; the ground-level access points are walled off with big gate-door access. We occasionally get Darfari purges spawning inside the gates.

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