Is the Purge broken

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Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: oc

Finally online for purge, got the spot ready for where the damage is always done.
Firtly I built on mountain. I have enclosed the main building. I have also built a perimeter fence as people kited queen reaper to my animals. So in short a castle on a hill surrounded by walls, OK .

So how on earth can the purge then spawn inside castle/house on the mountain. If it was PvP they would have to blow the walls face the animals scale the wall blow the door then be inside. Purge though bypassed everything. Then to top it of final wave the dragon glitches into mountain gets stuck but still able to do damage to pets, while they continually run over look at it and die.

Just a small clip of it.

Wow just a bit frustrated.
Is there a spawn blocker that we can place? Just seems pointless trying to build defensively when purge can magically appear anywhere inside your base.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.hopefully it does not reproduce

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Your problem is the inaccessible nature of your base. I’ve had them spawn inside my building, and I refit the building to make it more accessible.

I had a purge Saturday on a building in the middle of the dry lake to the west of the Unnamed City. There are acres of space around the building. The sand reapers spawned on a platform that had no stairs. It was the only inaccessible thing there.

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No, the purge is broken since last 2 patch, we have purge every two/three days, many of purge was only in diary, nothing spawning. But once 2 queen of sandreaper spawned in base/foundation, we cant kill them utill they destroy some blocks and we see them, because there was only sound of it. Other times creature spawn in rock and hear only sound.
Our base is in the same place and server since many month, later the purge is ok, coming people and many more. Now atacking only sandreaper and scorpion chest since about two months (if they spawn).

This is not about the accessible of the base, you will not build up in the middle of the road so that everyone can destroy you. The anti-purge base was invented to that they would not spawning inside, they they should attack from outside.

Funcom has been very clear that if your base is inaccessible from the outside they will spawn inside your base. The term inaccessible is not entirely clear as I have had what I would consider accessible base get the purge spawning inside or on the roof of my base.


Hello @Coyal, thank you for reaching out!

We’re aware that the purge may spawn inside bases and our developers are looking into it.
The issue seems to occur mostly when the bases are widely spread, inaccessible and / or located on a ledge, according to what we’ve gathered so far.

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But like I said the when offline they attacked outside , walls to centre. Online ready and they spawned inside. Makes no sense. And now I have to destroy structures just to be able to put a single foundation under it. Solo player lot of wasted time.
And I have heard of anti purge bases is this a bypass.

Also it was 2nd purge of the night previous lasted only 2 minutes and got no notification only saw in event log.

Or what’s their main objective to destroy I’ll put it on the ground.

OK so got purged last night while offline 2x I assume 2 stages occurred. But the line did not go down.I thought it was just under the 1st line
So i was not expecting.

So I made the effort of being on tonight to get no horn. But checking event log had one start and end 2 min 31 later. I had this happen when I 1st posted about spawning inside.

So is this normal?

Ah the age old question about the purge. Is this normal? The purge is still a mechanic that needs refining. The 2 minute purge that you have on your even log but no actual purge occurred in the world is something that I have seen before on occasion. It’s kinda like being falsely picked for a purge by the server. It says you should get one tries to process sending it to you and fails for some reason. The server registers that it fails and starts searching for purge eligible clans again. If you’re the only one it will try again. I’ve seen it try up to 6 times, all of which failed and no purge ever happened. When there are other clans eligible it sends it to them and you get pushed back into the list.

From what I have seen it will fix itself eventually. I don’t know if it’s “normal” or intended.

Hit purge line today got sand reapers, what a hot mess lol.
Archers wouldn’t shoot even at same level.
Run around whole base(not inside this time, bonus) only to have them pop up behind me already doing damage. As in invisible till they hit the walls.
Thought was suppose to be 45 minutes lasted 2x as long.
Animals run to gate to attack, but when I open so they assist hitting queen they stayed put. While the archers went on smoko break.
Lol still crazy fun tho.

Grats on getting a purge! I haven’t seen one since the beginning of the year. But I am responding to help you understand some of the wackiness. One thing, only a limited amount of your thralls will fight at once. I think the max is 4 at a time on any one enemy and the radius can be odd (ie a thrall from the opposite side of your base oddly gets the aggro and can’t get to it while the one nearest the mob remains clueless). Try to stack bases with named Thralls, thus increasing the odds for the right thrall for the defense. Have fun! I’m so jealous!

Really! that pretty stupid ,makes having an army pointless if it randomly picks those that can’t do anything.
No wonder I get so damaged when not online tho.

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Yeah, the Purge is the biggest area of potential in the PVE game. Its kinda crappy when offline because who knows how your defense will react? Its still fun if you are online… you learn a lot from watching them.

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Related to this topic of choice if you are in a clan and the clan leader is off does it still prioritize the clan leaders base ot target all of owned structures. In our clan it’s more of a mutual interest relationship and we keep our own stuff but while we are able to build closer to each other as we have been causing building problems due to the closeness.

But we have be great friends due to this but the issue lies in that they constantly have attacked only the leaders base when he was on, the two others me and 1 other haven’t been attacked, what would the prioritizes be for the purge when attacking? Is the base structure picked at random? Because this seems to be targeted directly at the clan leader it also seems that some snakes tried to swim in the water in the jungle some swam and made it some drowned. Would I need to label this as a bug? I don’t want to cluster up the forms. But this seemed like the right topic.

I’m just gonna share my experience with you and my understanding of the game mechanics. So don’t take this as the rule of law. :wink:

All bases are clan bases the game doesn’t assign any residence to any person in the clan so that base being targeted is likely just coincidence.

I have noticed that if I am more active at one of my 9 bases that the purge seems to choose it over others “sometimes” I have not been able to replicate this on any regularity that would lead me to believe that I can push the purge to a location of my choosing, as much as I may want to.

From my understanding the game chooses a single foundation that is owned by the clan and send the purge to it. The foundation is chosen at random.

That’s just what I’ve noticed. Maybe some clarity will come from Funcom staff.

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