Purge started inside base on second floor

So myself and clan-mate were waiting outside the front door to defend against the incoming Purge. It’s the only doorway for this base. But the Purge starts inside on the second floor where all the crafters and crafting stations are. The NPCs just materialize inside the base like Scotty from Star Trek just beamed them in. This is completely wrong and makes no sense. Please fix your Purge mechanics or just remove it from the game.

Did your base have a place they could spawn and be able to attack your base?

If no, then that is the cause unfortunately. Always need a spot of your base to be assaulted and space from the base where they could spawn. Same issue with my friend built on a top of rock hill - a tower where they could not spawn outside so they spawn in his tower.

If yes, then show screenshots of the base and map location so Funcom can take a look at the issue.

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Yeah…treehouses have the same issue. But my all time fav was the inverted cave in EL. It popped in the top of it (where I kept all the good stuff naturally)…snakes. Soooo many snakes in such a small area. Lost all of it and the snake bodies were hanging outside of it. It was funny to see.

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I had this happen on a base that was built partially on water, but a good 1/3 of it was on land and accessible.

I’ve only gotten a purge at that base 2 times, the second time I opened all the doors and turned autoclose off to make it easier to find the spawn, and they spawned outside my walls.

Nothing had changed with the building between the two purges, the only difference is the doors were open.

I wanted to test it further but I think it’s in the new no purge area.

My other bases purges haven’t needed me to open any doors to spawn outside, they have behaved as intended


I have had frost giants spawn in on upstairs floor run upstairs and hit them in the head. Funniest was hyenas spawning out of water fountain


I had a strange Hyena purge recently - most spawned normally, outside the base, but every second wave spawned a bunch of undead hyenas on the roof of my gatehouse instead, and I had to climb up to deal with them because they couldn’t figure out a way down :laughing:

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We had gorillas on top of animal pen and we had to climb up and try to kill them multiple times

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My last purge were men. 100% of them spawned inside the little red circle on top of that 3-block-high wall. It was the craziest thing! There were so many in one place they pushed each other outward as if they were a bucket of jello being poured onto a carpet. They knocked off all my thralls unharmed and most of them were stuck up there because they jammed themselves in. Easy pickens! But crazy none-the-less!

They all just appeared one after the other in an extremely rapid succession about 2 blocks above the surface of that platform. :crazy_face:

Purges are not initiated with any expectations of common sense or logic.


Now I’m not an expert in siptah purges ( I tend to do the purge meter reduction because purges are just too variable in Siptah as far as how nasty it can get) but in EL, if that is the spot they go to, they will always go to that spot. I eventually learned that and then purges became easier as I just trapped the area they spawn into.

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On E.L. that didn’t work for us. We went through over 20 purges in total. The first one came from the west. The next three from the east. The fifth one from inside the base. The sixth one from down the cliffs out in the desert to the north, we couldn’t even find them. The seventh one from inside the base again but not in the same place - rather on top of my beautiful Flotsam roof. The next three from the east again. Then two in a row from the south. I can remember all of the others too but that gives you the idea.

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It is elevated, but there is plenty of room for them to spawn outside. NPCs have some pathing issues, but my companion and horse follow step by step behind me. It’s in the old Lemurian tower next to the Palace of Boundless Lusts, (I think I am saying that right). You cross from there over a bridge formed by a tree branch, but it is plenty wide and there is a large flat area right in front. It’s not a vertical tower, there is land in front that is bigger than the tiny room inside where they all spawned and if they can suddenly materialize inside there they can also hop up the 25 feet from the ground around it.

I am sorry, but I demand better AI pathing for purges. However, I will try to put out some bait foundations for them to bang on. Bastages killed my good old horse who was alone in the room they appeared in. It’s just terrible programing, makes no sense.

There is an interesting youtube video on why purges spawn inside a base vs outside. You can probably fix that issue. AI pathing is always going to be problematic with purges. Sometimes I have to actually go out and look for them.

This guy was stuck on my outside build the whole time.

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Yeah, there always seems to be one guy stuck behind a tree or hiding in the bushes that we have to go look for to get the next wave started or end the final wave. It’s kinda funny - almost like a deserter in real life. I think it ends on it’s own eventually now but in the past it would just be silence. You had to open the map and see if the purge symbol was present or try to set down a foundation block in order to tell for sure.

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