Purge 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m not looking forward to it

I was wondering if there is a way to avoid the purge on an official server? I mean I’d hate to do all this work and then all of a sudden it all gets wiped away while I’m offline or even if I’m playing… I’ve never done one but I’m a casual player and I sometimes go a day or two without being able to play. I’d only assume I’d get destroyed easily based on some of the FAQS I e read regarding the Purge. Any tips or advice? I basically play solo with the occasional friend or two.

Short answer? No. Assuming Purges are working again - which they appear to be - there’s no way. Except maybe only playing once every three to four days, so the Purge meter will drop sufficiently in between. I don’t know what the various rates of gain vs loss of “Purge meter” are though. Also not playing a game you want to play is a sucky solution IMO.

As for tips, I suggest getting some quality thralls and/or greater pets and placing them strategically around your base to handle offline Purges (which for the record is still an abomination of game design).

You can build your base near the Noob river. They say there are no Purges there.

There are purges on noob river. But they are so very very weak.

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This is where my base is located. Be honest with me, how likely is it that my base will be crushed? Lol.

Depends entirely on what your defenses are (thralls/animals) :slight_smile:

Thank you. I sometimes do go about three days without playing. I’m hoping that’s enough to keep my meter down.

Well I don’t have any thralls yet, and I have about 3 gators, 1 turtle, two tigers, and a deer. Non of which are greater. God I hate the idea of the purge hitting me. :man_facepalming:t2:

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Build it in T3 (at least outer foundations and lower walls), make an extra row of foundations around outer walls (if Purge breaks it your wall wouldn’t collapse because it is standing between two foundation pieces), put T3 fences on lateral faces of outer foundations. Make little houses 2 x 2 around your main base: part of the Purge will gnaw at them instead of your base. Purges seem to be weaker here than in the Highlands.

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I have had the purge get through 3 layers of T3 foundations. The waves all had orb throwers. Thankfully, they do not climb.

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I am set up downriver, on one of the waterfalls. I was hit by 3 Purges in succession there. At the base of the falls I had two Greater crocs and one standard croc. At the top I had one standard croc. My top croc was killed in the third Purge by an Undead Serpentman. I almost lost the outer shell of my lower building (down to about 2500HP T3), and lost one Aquilonian Statue.

Bring your fawns indoors and let your crocs slice and dice! You’ll do great.

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You mention that you’re a casual player, does this mean you’re playing on a PvE server? If so, I’d just ask in chat if others are willing to come help you. That’s what we do on the Official PvE I play on, and we find it to be a lot of fun coordinating the defense. IMO, the Purge is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game, especially since you have a chance at getting unique thralls (if your pets don’t eat them all first).

As for that location, the purges that I have personally seen attack that area are Darfari Canibals (humans), and Hyenas. The Purge Map on the wiki (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge) indicates that you can also get Spiders and maybe Locusts (Sand Reapers) or Dogs of the Desert (humans) depending on how accurate your circle is. Also, note that some new types of purges have been added that aren’t yet reflected on that map.

In terms of damage, even pre-patch humans could make short work of T1/Sandstone construction, so post-patch they are apt to go thru it even faster. The best thing would be to build with higher-tier construction, especially for your outer walls. Also, if your base has a small foot-print (i.e. a single tower vs a sprawling estate), that will make for less ground your defenders have to cover to intercept attackers before they reach you. If possible, a central lookout tower, or a tower on opposing ends of your base will really help when coordinating the defense. Just be mindful not to build the towers too high since you’ll 1. want to get down in a hurry once you spot the enemies 2. enemies won’t be visible if the distance to them is too great.

A couple other things to keep in mind:

  • If you have unpaved earth inside your walls, attackers can sometimes spawn from even a 1-foundation area of bare earth (saw this just this weekend at a friend’s purge). To counter this, keep some pets inside your base.
  • Usually the purge will spawn repeatedly at a few locations around your base and then march toward it. If they come across player-built structures along the way, they’ll attack those before reaching your base proper. (I’ve witnessed, with amusement, as a purge destined for my mega-base tore thru the base of a newer player who built very close to me because it was along their path.) This means, you can setup some decoy targets a fair distance from your walls to help slow them down. Just bear in mind, though, that this will mean more ground for your defenders to cover.
  • Oh, and add archers, lots of them. You can space them as tightly as every other foundation, so what I like to do is place ceiling wedges every other foundation along my walls and then put the archers on them. I use the ceiling wedges because there’s less to block their line-of-sight when as compared to a square floor. Once placed, be sure to put a window frame or a fence behind them so that they can’t run off of where you placed them. Example:

I just wanted to chip in and say that I am so glad to see everyone here helping out each other and especially this last answer is super amazing.

Thanks for helping out the community, everyone <3


The last time purge was working this fine for me was just a few days prior to full launch.

Couldnt attack anything which was located on top of water or in similar impossible to reach areas.
However, they may spawn on top of structures too!
Extremely funny if they spawn on top of a yog altar… Yay! barbecue!
And yes. They DO die instantly…

Regarding base defense… there are quite a few places.

At these, you can build on top of a cliff, while it allows purge to run to your base. This is crucial.
Keep everything connected and then have everything be secured by 2-3 layers of defense.

Though… Even in north, just a few t3/4 volcano (or even better: relic hunter slaver-fighters; III comes with 5250 HP) thralls will be able to defeat purges.
I was building on top of the bigger pond near Asagarth (same as on EU3 during CtA) and the purge setting is at 4 on the server I play on. Always wolves… sick of them. But they never ate anything away… IF the guards were set up. (RP… so they arent…:sweat_smile:)
Since that server is modded, I used 9k HP thralls there. They barely lost any health though. The lowest was 8,5k? With a full pack of wolves focused on one…
Epic heavy armor and some dragon/telith 2h deals with them.

However, these locations are extremely bad for pvp. They are neither hidden nor hard to reach.
For PvP you’re better off on top of fingers, towers or at any hidden place. If you manage to hide yourself properly… :smiling_imp:


I experienced the new purge last night.

The mobs hit harder. They are tougher, and there are lots of named thralls you can capture.

My purge had 6 total named thralls, we managed to snag 4 of them.


Got a named carpenter, armorer, and two fighters that do backflips and are giant sized.

We are built on the river, between the desert and the jungle… in the light green area.

The thralls were not impossible, but farther north might make it really tough to deal with if you don’t build accordingly.

This is good, and bad.

Basically, take the purge a lot more seriously now. Reap good rewards from it. Enjoy it, as a genuine threat to your base, help out your neighbor. And be prepared for it, in all ways that you can be.

The new purge is gonna force people to build smarter, and upgrade their thrall strategies a bit.

P.S. I hear a thrall from Undead City has 7k hp. Might be worth grabbing him, and throwing a shield on him to meatball for your base. A couple archers with healing arrows to back him up, maybe equip him with a Lovetap.


We got three (!) nude relic hunter scout?! purges yesterday.
First one nude guys on top of wall; t1-t3 fighter/archer
second one running up (YAAAAY); t1-t3 fighter/archer/crafters
third one running up (yaaay again); lots of t1-t3 and a single t4 armorer…

Wait a sec. I wanted to check it out but they actually ARE tamable?! running off
Screw lovetap. Just grind those bosses to get these 97 dmg 1h OR crom 2h. This plus epic heavy…

I am not certain if they are tamable, but I did see a named sword and shield mini-boss type relic hunter and his minions. And someone was bragging how they had a 7k hp thrall (on my server) that they got out of the undead city. Guessing it’s the minions, or the mini boss.

Do the new weapons do 97 damage? Regardless, I like the update overall. With some minor changes to my gameplay I can endure just as well, but with more phats. It’s nice.

Wonderfully explained. Thank you for the effort in your response.


offline purges do sukc, but in general the idea behind the purge is to make you work to protect your investment. On PVP, i would only suggest it be online only purges. As with offline raiding, i need not have another offline worry.

For PVE/PVE-C, just work on your thrall count. Heavy armor, archers, and pets. More and more pets. They do the job when online for sure. Offline may have an issue due to the LOD system. But it is “schrodinger’s cat”. If no one is around, do the thralls actually activate and fight? To test it, one would have to be there to see, but that would have the LOD kick in, corrupting the test. SMH.


I got a 1h sword from the unnamed city called the predatory blade that does 97 damage, but only on the light attacks. No damage from the heavy attacks. The sword of crom drains all your stam in one swing, but give it to a Diacus or Spinas in silent legion and he’s a god-killer.