Purge while offline

So, find out that purges are supposed to damage buildings in PVE. This is bad enough as it contradicts what the server settings state on the right of the screen.

But a dev stated earlier on Twitter that purges can happen even if noone from your clan is online.

This is unacceptable on PVE.

This means that there are no official server types where you are not risking logging in and finding your work destroyed, even if you were online recently, despite two modes (PVE and PVE-C) specifically stating otherwise.

And the only fix required is to toggle “Minimum number of online players” to 1.


Dont know but its more fun if some one is online when the purge comes but in the ame way you cant abe able to avoide a purge just by not be online during purge time.

One way to fix it is that a purge comes when a member is online no mater if its pvp time or not. After all whay do purge have to be bounde to pvp time?


Did I read that right?
We got a single challange/threat for pve and you want that threat to be gone.
Purge even got limited to raiding times and those seem to be similar to any else event, triggering randomly.
On top of that, its limited to 24 purges per day.
Being the maximum value.
Probably doesnt have to happen 24 times a day.
With 100-200 players on each server, logging at different times… (1043 got 118 on 23rd.)
Do I really need to do the math for you?

You know… if you really wont be online that often, even decay might turn against you at some point. Currently that is being said to have a hard decay of 7 days -> 7 days away and solo? Poof! Base gone for good. In that case only private servers help.

Purge is the reason to build not only “functional” or creative, but strategic as well. Leaving a vulnerable spot for purge to attack, but also using the environment as natural “defense”. Just having one side being vulnerable is perfect from my point of view. Then you can stack tons of archers at the vulnerable side and you got yourself a neat defense.

That being said, even though we got a perfectly vulnerable side at our base, a single last wave spawned right on top of the maproom… :confused:
So at least currently the purge is totally bugged.

I had skeletons spawn in the attic of my 5x5 workshop during the second wave, even though the first came from inland and took out a couple of fences…


You have your opinions, I have mine. I don’t want the purge gone. I just want to BE THERE for it.

You cant use going offline to avoid it because your bar never goes away; you’d have to just never have any of your clan on during that window. And youd be hurting yourselves doing that.

And you don’t have to be gone a week for the purge to offline raid you. You can be gone for an HOUR and if your base is selected during that hour, boom.

PVE is player versus environment. PVP is player versus player. I’ve seen dozens of complaints about offline raiding by players because it removes one of the “P”s. Well so does an offline purge.


Well, first of all raid mechanics are very bugged, in the ways some mentioned here (spawning in crazy places even with accessible bases) and others (having only the purge warning and then the victory message without a single mob to show up).

Secondly, I really like this mechanic, as I liked 7days to die blood moon hordes. In that game you could cheat it too much, just leaving would avoid it.

Here, I would like to have had like 20x the purges I had, since due to the purge warnings / no mobs bug, I’ve wasted countless hours preparing my bases, just for nothing.

So I am on the side of “purges are cool, just need some more fixing”. BUT also, I heavily dislike I am in the risk of being purged / missing the fun of purges, everyday, as I, like many, work in afternoons till 20h.

I think there should be a middle point without ruining any of the two “sides”, but I cant really figure out any, and probably Funcom didnt.

To sum up, I really like having daily chances to get purges, getting one every day if possible.

But the purge schedule hardly accomodates to most of players, so maybe there could be a way to more or less control when it triggers if you wanted, or still having it random if you dont mind.

For those that say the 18 to 22h schedule is fair with them, here’s my counterproposal: if it has to be 18 to 22h, a totally random schedule, why not also during the morning, or having the whole day purgeable? If it was up to me, schedule would be 22h to 02am, causing similar problems to those who don’t play in thouse hours.

I’d like to see it so they just switch it to needing one clan member online. Maybe they can add a mechanic so if you build one of those horn itema, and you blow it with a full meter, you start one at that base immediately.


Just use t2/t3 on your perimeter. The purge guys cant hurt your stuff then. Aside from that run some archers behind windows and palasades along your main wall.

Easey Peqsey lemon squeezey!

  1. They absolutely can break T2/3 stuff. Source: Joel Bylos on Twitter. It is just slower. And if you are in the north, the purges are geared for that.

  2. Thralls are incredibly buggy, and currently killable by players on console.


You should read the tooltips they can be helpful.

Our base is in the swamp and we have t2 t3 and we let the purge pound our base like tina turner and nothing took damage . But that was our first and second purge .

In regards to the thralls. They are super buggy but if you put them in a window they will shoot out without taking any damage.

Other than doing that… i guess you just have to deal with the ups and downs of the purge . Best of luck!

Can’t change those on official servers.

Because right now the purges are bugged. They are intended to do damage, which means once they are fixed, they will do damage.

I had the first wave as skeletons destroying (extremely fast) my base from the inside, then the next waves were regular black hand dudes.
My base is fairly accessible (not on a mountaintop or island) so i really would like to know what happened…

The tooltip specifically states that when it is set to zero, that at minimum one player must be online.

Further, the only time I’ve seen a purge hit an offline base on an official server was from building in the general vicinity of someone else who was online and received a purge. They don’t only go for the person they are purging they attack any player made structure in their vicinity.

Do you have a source where the dev specifically stated the purge will happen regardless of if you are online other than ‘I heard on Twitter’?

Two different Devs said as much.

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More than once, in fact.

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Thank you, I tried looking for those myself but Twitter was being a twit about forcing me to make an account.

It does look like that’s what it says, which would explain why many people are wondering why the purge is broken. It’s probably targeting offline and players who have quit with a full bar. I hope they address this.

Though now I can’t even connect to any official servers as of last night (lucky me) so I guess I won’t have to worry about it since I can’t play the game.

My apologies for not believing you.

Some people like to build and not have their effort removed by a game mechanics that should be optional :slight_smile:

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Trust me, it’s such a glaringly obvious issue that I didn’t believe it myself until I got those dev responses. The entire time we played early access, I saw dozens of people calling offline raiding the cancer that was destroying PVP. PVE-C is called the next big thing specifically BECAUSE people feel safe building while still being able to fight.

And not only is that simply not true, but the devs aren’t even telling people up front. They built a system literally designed to be able to offline raid you, and only tell you about it in bits and pieces on twitter.

And as it turns out, the defenses they speak of don’t even work.

This guy made a tier two base, in the desert, with thralls. He left for an hour to eat and when he came back his whole base had been wiped out by scorpions.

As I said in that Reddit page, this must change. More and more people are going to have this happen to them and the outcry is going to get louder. I really hope the developers read these things and take notice.