Purge on Official PVE servers

Hi, can anyone tell me if structure damage on Official PVE servers are On, or Off?? It’s a big problem because I cant defend with Thralls, they are killed by other players (thralls in PVE cannot attack other players) and the teleportation of the monsters directly into the base in purges makes useless walls and defence towers.
The other point is the purge time (18:00 to 22:00). In this period i’m in work and can’t connect, so my base is totally unprotected against de purge. If structure damage is On, the only posibility for me is stop playing until sunday. Bad solution because i love this game.

Hey , dev on reddit :
jcbylosDeveloper • 14h
Should be base damage for all purges, regardless of server type.

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thanks for the answer. So i cant play until sunday, or there’s a chance to see my base in ruins…

Hello, you may be playing in xbox or playstation, right?

As far as I know, you are one patch behind (due to slower certification processes etc) and your thralls are still killable in PvE, while next patch (release patch) address that, so once it’s patched, your thralls wont be killed on pve.

Very thanks for the information. But at this moment, due to the limitation of the purge’s time settings (18:00-22:00) in official servers, plus the thrall bug, makes unplayable the game whitout the risk of base destruction, and it’s a bit annoying. It would be more fair without time limitation and if only purge starts with , at least, one player of the clan connected

We’ve had nothing but broken purges so far, preparation notification pops up, mark appears on map, and nothing ever materializes; we either get a purge defeated message almost instantly or after the timer runs out. But, correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t there need to be at least one clan member online during the appropriate hours for a purge to engage?

In my server (Xbox Official #2007) the purge settings of min. player connected is set to ‘0’.

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