Official PVE Server Purge Failure

Currently I am in Official server #1734 PVE and im the only one in the entirety of the server whom can be eligible for a purge thus far. And since its now Purge time one started and then immediately said I defeated it 2 minutes after the notification that it started. Before a single enemy even spawned. Its done this 4 times now and ongoing. Seems like its malfunctioning hardcore.

The same exact thing is happening to us on PvP 1802.

Yeah this happened to my wife and I too. One of the other players told us that the purged happened on another one of his building, but that it too lasted about 2 minutes with no enemies spawning. I hope they turn on structure damage from enemies because then the purge is pretty pointless.

So…purge in PVE can damage structures, or not?

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