Purge still doesn't damage structures on a PVE server

Running a private PVE server with Can Damage on and the Purge stills doesn’t damage Player structures. Makes the purge pointless.

Yes, this is to avoid people griefing each others on multiplayer servers using the purges, hell’o fun if you ask me. :smiley:

They could have at least made it a server option.

No, purge is intended to damage structures in PvE, its stated everywhere XD

Purge went off on our pve server last night and certainly damaged structures. Though the damage was fairly benign and easily fixed.

I cant get the purge meter to even function, any ideas would awesome!

Purge feature starts off weak they are letting it run to test it out. It will get a lot stronger in update. Also damage is determined by how far north you are as well

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