Purge on PVE Settings...Building-Damage ist off... why?

So we are running an private server. We dont want to make it an PVP Server, but we love the idea of the purge.

But on an PVE Server the purge cant do any damage to a base/building, so this make a purge pointless.

Even more… the thralls that we own do make damage to our own buildig by defending it (if they miss a shot with the bow for example), but the npcs of an purge not? That makes no sense for me…

I want to know if its planned that purges can damage buildings on PVE servers, or if there is an option as admin to set the damage to buliding on without making the hole server an pvp server… if not we are very disapointed and dont know what to do with our server.

Sorry for the bad english.

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Me as well, I cant even get the purge meter to budge on our server.
Any ideas would be awesome!

Same here it sounds useless to me. knowing that nothing can break makes it feel useless and less scare

PvE ? just put purge of, do nothing only spawn some mobs