How does the purge work on pve conflict if buildings don't take damage? i'm on a private role playing server under pve-c just curious cause we have building damage on during certain times and someone mentioned that the server is not pve-c

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I am pretty sure that it works the same way as PvE, where players or their buildings are indestructible.
The purge attacks and deals damage to the buildings regardless of server settings since purge settings supercede the building damage setting.


thanks, the pve-c server i play on has building damage on but buildings can take more hits, that was put on for some events that will be taking place on the server due to it also being a role playing server, is that still considered pve-conflict?

To my knowledge, unless you are working with mods that change the mechanics of a purge, purges are always going to do damage to player structures.

I have never had a purge, but server rules can vary but purges can either be on or off.

Ya it prevents player damage not npc damage

thanks for the info, it’s when the server settings were set with gportal it was placed into pve-conflict. but we will be hosting certain events for rewards that require the building damage on, my clan will be building certain structures and other clans will try to get in using trebuchets or explosives and defeat everything in the building to gain the reward. it is our way to keep players interested in playing on the server along with colosseum events

Sounds great, I have been thinking of the possibilities of doing server-wide events like that.

But yeah, the server can be listed as any of the combat settings and the server settings should supercede all else.

yeah on the server i’m on the map is split into territories, we have a colosseum near the sink whole. for server colosseum events. there will eventually be 4 alpha clans, 1 alpha clan for each of the territories, and 2 territories being neutral. we are just thinking of different events to keep players interested in playing on the server.

Under PVE-C it only restricts “player” damage. That means all NPC damage is on. You need to watch out for players who decide to kite bosses over to player bases for the sake of busting down walls, breaking chests open, and stealing items. Purge and all other NPCs behave the same. Thralls/pets do not. They will not attack other players coming over bothering bases. In order to have Thralls and pets react to other players you have to enable them which turns your server to PVP-M.

cool thanks for the info. the server i was talking about has building damage on, just due to server admin running server events that may require building damage on, as well as some of the players/clans that have been on the server from the beginning. player built dungeons, colosseum events, strongholds and a few more ideas have been mentioned as a way to keep players interested in playing on the server.

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We host events all the time and have players who do so. The purge just functions as the developers code it which has either been normal or really terrible (for all server types). The best option is simply active admining and letting all of your users know they need to consistently give constructive feedback when encountering purge or any NPC in game. Anything out of the ordinary that keeps coming up should be recorded in game, documented and reported here fir the dev team (:

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