Purge pve question

so i took a long break from conan and renting servers. i’ve done some looking around on the internet to try and find an answer but mostly old threads from like 8-9 months ago which are of no help to me. i’m trying to figure out if they ever made purge npc’s do damage to structures on pve or do i have to set it to pve-c again to make the purge an actual threat? Any response would be greatly appreciated as this was always something i hoped they would add/fix to make straight pve more fun.

Purge creatures will damage player structures in PvE … watched a Sand Reaper Queen purge boss rip through sandstone like it was paper when the purge got lost and attacked the wrong base. (But the guy was building in t1 in a t2 area.)
Purge in highland of wolves and humans resulted in minor damage to a few t3 building pieces and a couple of fences and floor lamps destroyed… but we were there to defend with two bears and 10+ wolves and 10+ t3 or named fighters …


ok thank you very much for the response. It sounds like that has been fixed since the last time i played then.

The purge is a bit buggy … they have increased the variety of purge types that each area can get … but they know there is a mistake in the coding as some players only get repeats of one type of purge.
Also still working on bad pathing … but better than it was … if you are starting anew I would advise not building too close to cliffs/mountains where the purge might spawn inside the landscape… this is a known issue they are still working on.
And not to make your base completely inaccessible from the ground … ensure if you are going to build up on something that there is foundations and elevator for them to attack at ground level attached to the building above.

(We didn’t just watch the sand reaper queen destroy our neighbour … we and the guy who the purge was actually targeting killed it)

I built a base in the noob area middle section of the broken bridge my first base I then went to build up at the damn in the water the purge never attack me at dam always attacked the first base which they could not reach only the stairs I had build onto other side were destroyed.

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