A way to prevent purge from damageing structures?

Got a little issue with the purge damaging structures on a PvE server where candamageplayerstructures = false and structuredamagetakenmulty is 0 in the server ini files(becomes 0,1 ingame)

Is this supposed to be like that? If so is there a way to prevent the purge from doing damage to structures?
a lot of our players like the tower-defence like purge system but not at the cost of their builds being destroyed

no one any idea?

would realy love some help here

Change the building damage multiplier for NPCs to zero.

then all other npc’s dont do damage either which kils the pve aspect , we just don’t want building damage as a lot of people on our server focus on building cool places and castles/tree houses etc and dont want their work to go boom.
But also enjoying a hunt for thralls and dungeon runs and grouping for bosses

I’m not sure if this multiplier do affect NPCs other than those of the purge. However, in your mind, which other NPCs should do building damage?

Try changing “PurgeNPCBuildingDamageMultiplier”.

we dident actualy have that file in the list so i googled it a bit and pasted it in with values on 0 so now the testing can begin! this might actualy be wat i needed lets find out

The file name is “ServerSettings.ini”.
For me, the default value was… nothing. It was just blank.

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