No Damage Done in Purge

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Greetings All,
I had a Self started Purge I am the Admin of a private server.
Purge doesn’t work on private servers as, to all the complaints still coming in.
2 Frost Giants did no Damage to Sandstone blocks or Furnace.
It is a PVE server and have allow damage to buildings checked off.
Thank You

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@Tyros - Us too.

We have a Private PvE-C server. The hours of PvP are just in the evenings. The server is reporting to have


Is this preventing the Purge from damaging our base?

I believed that by changing this setting to =True, it makes us a PvP server and all boxes/workstations lootable as well as bases raidable?

PvE server dont have Purge Dmg, if u want the purge to do dmg on the building, set the server to pvp.

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now that’s some terrible missinformation

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The Point that Purge dont do dmg on PvE Server? if i am wrong, tell me how to enable dmg at buildings at full PvE Servers.

It did work on our PvE server before some patch that “fixed” lots of things. Right now the Purge, is not even starting. But hey, Funcom spam retweet every useless post about how awesome this game looks instead of fixing these sh!ts that weren’t suppose to even be here on a full launch version of the game.


And this will make PvE Server have Purge Dmg? I dont think this will work, but i give it a try, because right now, it dosnt work.

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It is meant to mate, and has done in the past.

I have my Power set t o1 out of 6.
I get a lil damage.
Going to set it to 6 and see,