Purge when you are offline on official server

hello, well it’s a very old subject,

but purge during offline time, when you are not connected, still occurs.
what is the point with a decay system in place ? it’s not really fun to have a purge destroy what took you 50 hours to collect while you sleep or work. and to be online everyday for 4 hours during purge time is not a game but a slavery.

may be you will think, hey but can have a defence with thralls and massive fortress. yes but on pvp server if you play solo you wants very discreet & hidden base…

so i can undestand to find my base wiped by another human players, but to have a base wiped by purge when you are offline is not something very cool. it could be interesting to may be think about it and configure official server to have purge occurs only when players online.

especially when we know that the purge system is actually really bugged, and some players are in case where they will never have purge. but some others are totally wiped by offline purge…

Yeah purge should only activate while player is online. I would make 2 other changes to it as well. Have it be able to happen at any time (not just raid time) and have it happen more often.

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