Offline purges, opinions?

today I was messaged by a friendly clan with a picture of one of my buildings half torn down with about 50 dead hyenas outside. The problem? I haven’t been online in 24 hours.
I play PvP, I expect to get raided offline every once in a while. This doesn’t bother me since other players would have to work at destroying my stuff. They would have to make bombs, and kill my thralls. But being offline purged? That’s just being selected for destruction. My thralls apparently didn’t fight the purge at all and just got killed mercilessly, and my building was nearly destroyed completely at no cost to anyone except me. I got punished for existing. Luckily I have some friends that happened to be nearby.
I was under the impression that ONLINE players were randomly selected for purges… now I’m just disappointed in this game.

What is your opinion on being purged while offline?

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Offline purge is not fun at all. Clan MUST be purged only when someone is online and can have some fun - except some dead clans with no one online for a week or two.

Offline purges was never meant to be set on the official servers, they have changed the setting to hide the problems with the purge. My hope/guess is that if and when the fix it, it will be set back to online as there is not reason whatsoever to have it set to offline, if there would be no decay system it would be defendable, but there is a decay system so there is no use whatsoever for offline purges, apart from making the feature less visible because there are issues with it.


Basically this:

Not the entire game, but that someone in charge thought offline purges should be a thing is completely beyond me. And of course it just makes things worse that combat thralls (the proposed counter to offline purges) don’t work half the time. And the purges themselves are kinda broken, too.

Funcom then not fixing ANY of this but deciding to make Thralls require daily maintenance just adds insult to injury. It’s like they WANT us to stop playing… they probably don’t, but it sure feels like it.

I get that on a PVP server, getting offline raided is a thing - it’s inherent in the game design*. You can set raiding windows, but you can’t force defenders to be online.

But when you have one side consist of AI entities who don’t have to worry about convenience or playtime or anything, there’s just no good reason to “accomodate” that side by spawning them when their target is offline.

If that means players don’t log in during the purge window to avoid getting purged - so what? They’ve already added unique rewards to the purges, so there’s plenty of incentive to allow yourself to get targeted if you want that.

I just fail to see who’s “winning” by offline purges. At least someone is having fun with offline raiding, even if it’s just one side. Offline purges - benefits no-one.

*actually it’s entirely possible to if not eliminate then at least mitigate that, but apparently Funcom doesn’t want to do that, and that’s actually ok since there are alternatives (PVE-C and PVE).


As far as I can tell, from the many statements from FUNCOM you find on the internets regarding this topic, this is exactly what it is for.

Purge mechanic is basically, that is what I grasp from the idea, the redundant system to decay.
Obviously it is mainly targeted towards offline clans since it will destroy their base --> decay, anyone?

Which purge, never seen one on my server.

But I agree with your opinion in general. Purges offer special thralls to make legendary repair-kits and white and black dye.
Even if they are in the Purge it would still be a challenge to get them, especially with a heavy defense, before they die, so it would be fun.

Thing is if there are just offline purges, yes there is a setting to allow that but I figure it is part of the problem when not set to 0, noone will benefit from a purge and the ones getting it are not online, maybe for a long time.

I am sceptic about the upcoming changes as well as the current state of the game but I am still hopeful FUNCOM can create their vision of the game, I am even more hopeful that this vision reflects my taste :slight_smile:

My idea is simple as that : official server have purge default settings. Players who don’t want the default settings should either host a server, either rent it.

I do think you won’t like this idea :wink: :smile:

Sure, to a degree.

However, this answer was more pertinent when the game was super popular and had more players. Right now it has more servers than active concurrent players.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for an answer to who wins with offline purges. No fun is had by anyone. Abandoned bases will be way more reliably taken care of by the decay system.

Thing is, the default setting on official has always been ‘online’ purge, but when they got to much heat on the flawed purges, they have set it offline so that no one will ever see one on official. And what does a setting do when the mechanism you are setting a parameter for is not even working.

But there is no mechanics at all to stop Purge attacking an offline clan! You can select a number of players online, but regardless of their clan. If there would be such parameters as “Do not purge clan when less than 1-2 members are online” and “Purge all clans that were offline for a week or two” we could fine-tune servers, but there are no such checkboxes. Purge anyone and everyone or don’t purge at all, that’s it.

I agree, that is why I rented my own server. Sure it is not a heck of a lot of money but it is still money to pay.
Thing is, Purges do not work, like at all.
We have currently 2 Clans on the server and my clans meter is full since a month, nothing.
So I think the setting is bugged, set number of online members to 1, but even when setting it to 0 --> nothing.

Seems your proposal does not stand up as things are right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Utter bs. It was always on for offline purges.

bs maybe but not so utterly, on my Official server 1035 PVE-C the setting was changed around the 10.07 patch, it was not mentioned in any of the notes, the setting was changed from 1 to 0.

I play on official PVP server 1578. I’ve seen three purges so far. The first one was helping an allied clan, and the purge broke. The second two were near our clan’s main base and they worked. Those two were fun, and I got 4 legendary thralls from it.

On official PVP servers, purges should only be during raid time. I don’t mind if someone is on or not, but I see valid opinions on both sides of that debate.

I like the idea of the purges, and would like some refining to be done to the system to make it more reliable, and more challenging for larger clans, like mine.

The problem with non official is admins

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