Offline purges despite official server settings

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Purge settings
Region: EU

Settings for 1003 official server clearly state minimum number of online players 0 (If set to zero. there needs to be at least one player online for a purge to start)

Logging in to find damage everywhere because we were not online to defend our base (nope no one was online we are husband and wife guild we would know) coupled with the fact all our thralls spend most of their time daydreaming rather than defending (tested by dragging npc’s close to try and motivate them into action) makes for a very frustrating gaming experience.

If the purge should not happen when no clan members are online then please make it so.

If thralls are supposed to do something other than act as ornaments then please make them so.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log into game in morning
2.observe holes in walls and destroyed items/dead thralls event log to discover purge happened again whilst offline

Minimum number of online players before purges can be triggered is server wide, not clan based. If there is even one person on the server, not just in your clan, and your purge meter is full, you can be purged.

Thank you for this clarification, makes a bit more sense and I have no idea why/how I assumed it was a clan setting but clearly this was my mistake.
Now if only I could find out how to wake thralls up my game would be less frustrating.
At least I know what we are up against and shall build stronger in future.

You read the settings wrong.

0=Any player, clan or not are selected for a purge if ready.
1=Any player, clan or not and online are selected for a purge if ready.
2=Any clan with at least 2 members and online are selected for a purge if ready.

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