Regarding the purge (offline?)


Is this still a fact?:

“On official servers’ purges will only trigger during “Purge Time” which is a subset of prime time, “Purge Time” is between 6 PM and 10 PM local time (18:00 - 22:00, all days. Admins of private servers will be able to adjust this time either through the server setting GUI or modifying the serversettings.ini files.”

I have full purge-meter but i want to be there to capture the thralls, so is it still between 18-22 it will strike?

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A purge doesnt happen if nobody of your clan is online (For Offical Servers). I confirmed this the other day, in events it kept attempting to start and simply couldn’t. So, long as nobody in your clan is online during these times, it shant happen.

They do need to nerf it though as it is happening way too much, I watched it climb and I didnt do much of anything.

@Polle While something could have changed I believe it is as you say. You can easily check server settings from your menu

@StacieMeier, from my experience a clan CAN be purged while everyone offline. I did help defend the base of a neighbour while they were all offline on official server.

From settings: there is “minimum number of player” slider for the purge to happen. On official servers it is set to default = 0

There are several very recent reports that Purge is seriously misbehaving. I think what you saw in your event log was a bugged purge. BTW, did your purge meter reset?

If I am selling outdated news, someone please correct me!

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