Is there a time-window where the purge may happen?

So I am playing on the official servers. Our clan’s purge bar is about 80%

I heard somewhere that the purge has a window where it may or may not spawn everyday.
Or is it around the clock? I only find outdated info on google so I decided to ask you guys instead.

So can the purge spawn anytime in the 24h as long as someone is online, or does it happen during X-Y time like raid times?

Thanks in advance.

From the patch notes it says 6PM to 10PM. Which is fine if you can actually get on your server during prime time. I wonder what happens if we cannot get on to defend ourselves. seems kind of crappy to me, and they way I understand the thrall AI, they will not attack the purge if you are not there fighting. So they are pretty useless.

I think one player from the tribe must be on for purge to attack u, on pve at least

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