I havent had a purge on my PVE server yet

I haven’t had a purge on my PVE server. I set the settings right. So idk why it isn’t happening. I have had ppl with full purge meters and nothing happening.
Does this not work on PVE?

Honestly, I think it’s just not working.

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doesn’t this purge metter is split between the alpha clan of the serv, and the purge attack those who are the best expand & develop ? I think i can remember some player on my rp serv that had an unfortunate visit.

Do you have a restricted purge time? I think a setting for the restricted purge time is missing, which bugs purge when you set it to have a restricted time.
Whenever I didn’t have a time restriction, I had multiple purges per day and now I don’t have any.

No, we do not have a timed purge.
I have had to force my purges for ppl to get them.
Also, another thing I have noticed is if ppl have more then one base… For example… They have their main base in the north and their outpost base in the south, the purge wouldn’t go to their main base in the North it would go to their South base. Is there a way to have them come to a certain base?

Another thing was I do have a Clan BUT we all have our OWN places. They go to the person that has a full purge meter right? So it only goes to them not to someone random in the clan right? I would hope this is how it works.