Purge Settings for PVE Server


I am having trouble with the Purge settings for my 30-man PvE server.

Firstly, I have looked around everywhere for settings to edit purge settings; there is nothing official on your forums, steam or reddit.

The reason I would like to edit these settings is due to not getting a purge on our server, despite there being about 10 members present daily, active at various times of day.

We have tried a forced purge, but it would only target the admin’s base only and no one else’s, despite there being 6 different clans on the server.

We also tried to increase purge frequency via various settings tweaks but had no success at all. This includes scenarios where ALL our clan’s purge bars were FULL!!!

As such, I would appreciate it if you could please explain the purge settings to myself and others, as there seem to be a lot of gamers and communities asking about them on reddit, steam and your own forums.

If the purge system is not working properly, then please let us know instead of having us waste time looking everywhere for ways to make it work!!

If it should be working, then could you please break down each of the settings one by one? If that is asking too much, then could you at least explain how we can have more purges throughout the day, and how to increase the purge meter quicker?

We, your community, NEED a proper step-by-step guide on altering purge settings!! PLEASE!!!

I have been running servers for my community for many years now, so this not my first time dealing with such situations. I would also like to add that I have spoken to Nicole on many occasions about Conan and its servers, but I have not seen her online on steam for over a month now.

I understand you’re doing a stream tomorrow: Friday, June the 8th. Could you possibly address how to properly edit purge settings there?

Many Thanks,
(UGA) Kojak.

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On my private dedicated server I have the same kind of problem, we had 1 Purge when the Purge Meter hits the threshold for the first time server wide, but since then … no more purges. I tried to play a little with the settings with no luck.

Please help us to make purge work !!!

Thank you !

Atikamekw LeLoup
Ymir’s Champion

Hi, did you try putting minimum number of online players to 0, remember to restart server after any changes to purge settings :slight_smile:

This. Purge started working with this, for us.

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Hi, is everybody on your server in a clan ?

hey there !

Theres 5 different clans on the server , which has no more than 3 in a clan .

From what I can tell and this is looking all over, the reason no one is getting purges on private servers is the game thinks no one from your clan is online, and the only way to get a purge is to set it to zero. Take a peak, log into your game and look at your clan tab and see if anyone is online, I am willing to bet that you are online but your clan status says you are not. I have not found a way to fix this yet.

You can log in as an admin and allow the purge to attack when no one is online but that just means you will get random purges no matter who is online. Its the only fix I know of.

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Great reply, iv’e just been telling every one to just set min. online players to 0 , if possible :smile:

Wondering if anyone has found any solution to this.

We have a server much the same as the OP, with 5 or 6 tribes of 2 or 3 people each.

At the moment it seems like the server will automatically trigger just a single purge after each reboot, and then nothing more, no matter how full people’s purge meters are.

At the moment we have minimum players set to two, but as @Arkhanis says, the “Clan Roster” page shows that nobody is online even when all players are. If that is the same info that the server uses to trigger a purge then that would explain why there are none.

My worry is that by reducing the minimum to zero we’d have people getting purged when nobody is online.

Does anyone know of any solution to this yet?

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