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First time on the forum HELLO ! :smiley: No idea if this is the right place to post. but im gonna give it a shot Now

Hello there, been playing conan for over 1k hours now and never had were a purge wont spawn. well yestoday purge meter is full (private server and in a clan) i still havnt gotten any purge with and without mod’s even in single player i dont get any purge. i’v tried command’s, i’v tried reset server, everything and just nothing happens. i did have a look at the server setting’s and the PurgePeriodicity has gone and is not there anymore. is there anyone out there that can help ? ClanPurgeTrigger 8300 / ClanScoreUpateFrequency 15 / MinPurgeOnlinePlayers 1 / PurgeRestriction there is none.

Is there only one clan on your server? Could it be that others are being purged instead. Are there any entries in the event log?

Yea, start with the event log. Even if the purge doesn’t hit you, the log should indicate when a purge started.

Also, is your purge meter reset or still full?

Only 1 clan. Purge meter full. Dont go down but that hasnt been an issue before. Event logs shows nothing. Other than building etc.

The purge settings as it is a server I’m not good at but it’s like a time plus purge bar full increase % chance of spawns however I dk the base chance or your settings but try to reduce the purge meter to 2000 or min as it is for me and that should instantly get it going but beware that if the purge is big enough that it will fill your meter at the end I call it my endless purge or as war hammer would call it the end times lol

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i have tried every setting =)
nothing seems to work at all. as said even in single player i cant get it to work. made one of my friend load up a new single player game. and fill his bar. nothing at all for hours. private server still the same nothing in log’s beside build etc. with and without mod’s

I dont know how the purge works or not in private servers but in a official server when the purge meter is complet they can attack anywhere you have build and it will be shown on the map and if you beed to log off the purge will continue. Maybe it doesnt started just yet

Could it possibly be this issue:

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I know that been playing the game for over 1k hours now :stuck_out_tongue: its just startet. Purge just dont wanna spawn no matter what. And it sucks

Gonna look into that here in a sec but im still where i placed my first block. :slight_smile: but thanks for that info deff gonna see if there is somthing going on somewhere

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Well what i can see is purge cant find a spawn point. Cus base aint there in the files. Tried with and without mods also in singleplayer. Get the same purgespawn_base_0 or what it was agian. Event log in both online and singleplayer dont show any action i do. Iv tried reinstall the game, verify files. And yet Nothing is working.

Have you investigated the PurgeClan console command?

Attribution to @Larathiel, who keyed me in on it. Over my server’s Purge Weekend I have developed and deployed these steps with success.


  • Make sure the Purge is actually set to be on,
  • that the minimum number of online players is 1, and
  • that the Purge is not set to be active outside the time window when you are testing.

This is much easier with an online server that you control.

  1. Create a clan for your character.
  2. Create an alt, log him into the server, and have him create a clan. Switch back to your normal ID.
  3. Look in your database under the “Guilds” table.
  4. Write down the guildId [GUILD ID] for your clan, and your alt’s clan.
  5. Load onto your Conan Exiles server as Admin.
  6. In your console screen [hit left apostrophe ` key] type PurgeClan 12345 where 12345 is the GUILD ID you pulled from the DB.
  7. If you’re also watching your Server Console, you’ll see the server report “A Purge has started for Clan…”
  8. If any error conditions exist, the server will say. If it’s unable to spawn, that means it’s selected a location that it cannot handle. Good job, your base is #unpurgeable. :stuck_out_tongue:
  9. To clear out the now-queued Purge, run the same PurgeClan command on the ID of your alt.
    (If you don’t and you have an active server, a borked 6-wave Purge might hit one of your unsuspecting players. :angel: )

Please ask follow-ups. I have tested and deployed this method with no hangups.


Glad you tagged me in this, while I’ve had good luck triggering purges manually, I was unaware that the location it was attempting to hit and what it would be sending was logged to the server console. This should prove helpful in troubleshooting things! :slight_smile:

Hello there tried it. and only wierd log i get is LogOnline:Warning: STEAM: Empty session setting GameMode : OnlineService : -1 of type String.

other than that its just the normal serverlog stuff, dont even say a purge has started or failed just plane nothing. can see if i eat kill etc. nothing with a purge. even on another acc same ip tho

so i startet up fresh new start. do my things build etc. building up that purge meter.

well im 4% into the purge meter and its allready saying you base has been found.
i’v tried relog shutdown server. nothing

goes into singelplayer (no mod)
same thing happens. there is somthing that is really glitched on my end.
and all this only happen’d after i reached over 1k play hours never had this happen before

I am sorry I can’t help more, but I can tell you the purge meter will say that “Your base has been found” line if (I believe) there’s anything in the meter at all. Definitely far below the 75% mark. So don’t worry about that particular part.

well i found this today first log that show’s purge. but it was in the saved.ini file not server log’s
Game/Characters/BasePlayerChar.BasePlayerChar_C:PurgeEnded_ClientTellServer (class Function)

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