Offline purge with purge meter not full

Can anyone help me I need to report a bad exploit with purges and I dont know where or how. My clan base was attacked 3 times in 3 days on a PVE server with no members online. Whats destroying the base is cimmarian and accused likes its a purge but our purge meter isnt full. Theres no base close to ours that could have a purge thats hitting us. A clan mate suggested that they could be using the convergence trap to do this which is the only reasonable thing it could be. I do know at least one other clan had this same thing happen to them aswell.

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Welcome to the Forum. It is possible someone could be kiting npcs to your base if it is close enough perhaps put some palisades out to greet them :grinning:

Thanks for the welcome. Im new to the forums but have been playing conan for a very long time. Theres not a base close enough to kite to me and even if so how would they do it 3 times in 3 days. I feel more there placing the 90 needed blocks for a purgable base as close as possable to ours and using the convergence trap then picking everything up before the purge hits leaving our base as the only target.

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That is a possibility. Have not spent enough time on Siptah to know alot about the workings. Hopefully some one with more knowledge can help you out. I doubt what is happening is against the server rules let me put out a feeler @Community any input thanks in advance.

Thanks for helping like I said I have no idea how to deal with this but I feel it would be a huge exploit of game mechanics to grief other players.

I dunno either, did you check the log to see if indeed all your clan members were logged out? Seem like this could only be a bug otherwise. -=shrug=-

Is this a private, dedicated, or official server?

Yeah no one was online the event log is how we know what was destroying the base. It is a official server I dont feel its a bug since at least one other clan has had it happen too.

Well, that would just make it a repeatable bug - if indeed it’s a bug at all.

I dunno, maybe someone with more knowledge can say something. I wanted to know if it was an official server because it changes the potential recourses you might consider choosing or that others suggest - as well as knowing what server settings are being used.

I know that a purge can be triggered in a single day and that afterwards it can :canned_food: get to about the half-way mark in only a few hours. I’ve done so myself a few times - just takes one player in a clan to pull it off. It took me about 8 hours in total IIRC. In the past I’ve seen purges happen when we couldn’t find the attackers anywhere but never purges happening out of turn and certainly not when off-line. After a purge begins (as soon as the warning :warning: message occurs) it can’t be stopped. You can log-off and your base will be attacked anyway. But that in total, is the extent of my purge knowledge. :crazy_face:

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