Offline Purges concerns

The Purge has been one of the most expected features in this game and is what everybody talks about in game, whenever someone is hit by one its a mass euphoria, everyone wants to participate and the player gets extremely excited.

So why do they happen even when you are offline? As someone who has been attacked before I can say its fun and everybody wants to come and also participate. Feels like a waste of human resource create something players wont participate, and some players might never get a chance depending on the server they play. The Purges might happen everyday when they are unavailable, it could be too late or too early where they live.

Second concern is about the Purge intensity, so far they have been broken and the enemies just couldnt damage structures. I have been through 2 on my base and seen others happen, the structures were always left undamaged at the end, but apparently this has been fixed in the last patch. If the enemies damage structure as hard as the devs say I cant see any base surviving a Purge unless its absurdly well defended by thralls and structure tiers even higher than the Purge level. The last wave can spawn multiple bosses that have as much HP as World bosses! One of my Purges had two huge bugs bosses in the final wave, thralls cant take out something of that level and I honestly cant see any base surviving two bosses bashing on them for 30 minutes with virtually no defense. Creatures like that will lay waste on fighter thralls, unless perfectly positioned archers also wont have 100% shooting line, so the creatures will simply lay waste on most bases if they can hit them too hard.

That really concerns me

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I too find the offline purge a rather odd mechanic. Add to that some thralls that can only be obtained by purge being missed because they are spawning for players that are offline. I honestly do not see the point. I want to be purged but I want to be purged while online. I have been purged once and it is fun. The idea that I am missing that because a clan who is offline is getting purged instead is upsetting. I have seen my purge meter reset four times on my server without getting purged. It just seems odd that this is a thing.

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