Offline Purge... What's the point?

I am starting this topic not to whinge about my castle destroyed by an offline purge.
I am starting it to figure out why it didn’t destroy my castle.

There has been many threads and heated debates on these forums about whether offline purging is good for servers or not.
Many have left the game for good when their sandstone shack has been wiped out at lvl 20.
Many have come on these forums to proclaim this is a good thing to keep the servers running smoothly by removing massive resource hogging structures.

I have always been of the opinion that running an offline purge is just a waste of what could be one of the best game mechanics created.
All it does is run off new low level players who have logged on to find that everything they have been grinding for is gone and they had no opportunity to save it.

As for high level players with T3 structures? Well here is the result of a 55 minute offline purge outside Asagarth.

I gotta say, i’m really not that concerned.
We lost 2 fence foundations and suffered minimal damage to maybe 4 or 5 other pieces around it.
I have no idea what we were purged by, I would think nude nords or wolves or undead dragons as I have seen them there in the past. But looking at the damage I think it was rabbits.

My clan has been watching for what seems like 6 months as our purge bar filled so slowly and emptied the next day. Finally yesterday our purge meter filled passed the line. We were excited. Our purge window starts at 5pm here and due to… life, we couldn’t log on until 7pm. So effectively 17 seconds after we hit the purge line we got purged.

This is awesome… well if we were around to enjoy it.

Clearly the purge is not going to remove any ones structures from the map, except maybe those who are facing the now quite tough challenge of starting out, who may well quit as a result.
It is also very unlikely to give any relief to those who suffer from greifers.

So i ask, whats the point?


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