Sudden purge bugfix? Offline purge possible?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [|Misc]
Region: [EU]

So, me and a friend are playing on Server #3202 and the purge on that Server was bugged since launch. Purge meter went up to the maximu, but there never were any purges.

At sometime you would get the purge message, but when the purge began it was immediately defeated.

We did not go online over the weekend and logged in right now, just to see our base being half destroyed. As I wondered why since that did not look like someone raided us, i checked the event log and saw that our buildings were destroyed by fighter/archer thralls.

Im not a 100% sure that our purge meter was at maximum when we last logged in, but as far as I remember it was.

So I assume we were being purged due to the thralls in the event log and the massive building damage?

I just thought that purges would only happen if a player is online? Or am I wrong here?

Feeling a little frustrated here. I also could not read anything about such a fix in the patch notes.

Would be glad for information :slight_smile:

Purges have been confirmed by the Devs to occur while players are offline as well. My condolences.

Please Funcom fix this it doesnt make sense that a horde of npcs and/or creatures can just destroy your base when you’re offline. Especially not on Pvp servers because that mens that there has to be someone from the clan on from 5 to 11 in the evening or later if you’re from sweden for example, with a different timezone than the server. Getting raided by people ingame makes sense because they have to Pay with materials after a long grind session and the raid can often take a few hour to Even get to a payout but the npcs just destroy the base for No apparently reason other than your clan has once been active and they dont Pay for their mens of destruction like actual player does. Plus some of the purges are able to obliterate base and thralls of highest tiers with ease so the only way to defend your base in the jungle or high lands or something is to be every present, this seem to be an attempt to get players to stop playing the game because of the cancer.

Happened to me as well and it’s getting a bit too much now. Losing gear because of the missing corpse, losing gear when taking cold damage offline, then the vanishing base and then being purged while offline. I could put up with it at first but getting fed up with the rinse and repeat of being screwed by the game.

on pve server 3505 my bases arent taking damage from purge maybe just a pvp thing i dunno