Purge... YAY! (Not really)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: …?
Region: [NA official server]

Decided to delay my departure from this game since this patch dropped and mentioned fixes to the purge… Was super excited as my bar has been full for many weeks and I enjoy the purge when it works correctly…

Well I finally got it… While offline… Why does this happen?? People can’t be online every night for the 4 hour window of a potential purge! This is the only part of the game I have left to enjoy and it happens finally while I’m not there to enjoy it…

What the actual ■■■■!? I mean it almost seems like the decisions Funcom are making are specifically to drive people away??!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Waste money on this game
  2. Wait for a broken mechanic to be fixed
  3. ■■■ off…
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Ive lost bases twice to offline purges. Learn form the attack and rebuild, remember its just a game.

I didn’t lose crap… Couple walls and stairs everything is there… I’m not worried about that… What pissses me off is I missed the one thing i truly enjoy about this game…

Well missed I’m done lol

That’s too bad. If the purge is working now on your server you will get to fight them often. I had a couple purges a week while playing lots.

See this is why some of us never see purges, the purge can target any structure that is on the map. Doesn’t matter if that person is online at the time or even if they’re no longer actively playing on the server.

i witnessed one of my neighbors get purged, cackle of hyenas, it was a full purge. I stopped to kill it all hoping for a named thrall at the end of it, unfortunately, there wasn’t one. My neighbor hadn’t been online for a few days when he got purged and a few days later his base decayed and disappeared.

Multiple that one base by the probably 100 people who have some kind of structure still on your server who can be chosen by the purge and you’ll see why it takes a while to actually get to you sometimes.

Maybe the next time you get with the purge you’ll be online…best of luck!