The Purge needs to be DISABLED on PS4!

Honestly, this game had so many patches on PC why did I even think they’d get console right? How can you not immediately acknowledge the fact thralls are basically useless in a game where they are the only real defenses your base has, while offline. Yet they’re all 1 shot kills by anyone over lvl 20, including their “master”. Andy said 6 days ago the patch would come out in a week, yet here we wait, with no message from the devs on when it will really be fixed. Oh, and for shiggles, yeah lets also keep the Purge going. Why not send 3 waves of level 3-4 fighters to my base. At least all my Thralls dead bodies give hide, some small consolidation while I rebuild my whole base. I’m no newbie to being wiped. But never have I felt so defenseless as when The Purge mesage comes up and, in one wave of 3 total, 8 Forgotten Clansmen massacre all 30 of my level 3-4 Thralls. Folded em like lawn chairs. Oh and FYI half of them didnt even fight. The only ones who fought were my worker thralls. The Purge needs to be removed until your main defense system is working at least remotely. At this rate I might reinstall Ark… And that’s saying something!

RIP Stygian Dancer I
Even if funcom doesn’t care… You’ll be missed


I just barely survived a purge on ps4. Got to see what it’s about. Lots of unanswered questions still, even on the net, about it.
Anyone know if the meter resets after a purge victory? Mine didn’t…
Thralls need to be fixed yesterday. Having a lot of fun with the game. If the bug isn’t fixed soon though in another perg or two, I don’t know I this will become a No Man’s Sky. No real player base.

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Haven’t dealt with the purge yet but probably won’t be able to as a clan keeps wiping 15 of my thralls a day. So yeah I’m loading up on the done train until this gets fixed and we’ll be sure to advise friends to avoid this game until at the very least the thralls are Fixed.

But that wont help you anyway if a clan wipes your base. Maybe it would have been a better idea, or still is, to join a PvE server?

I survived today hide your thralls in a storage building when the purge comes you have 10 minutes to bring them out and set them up. I survived 4 waves of white direwolves a lot harder than humans my melee is 106 damage per hit so I one shot most 1,2, and 3 enemies the direwolves took about 4 or 5 with each round having about 10 or more my walls stood and my 50 archers lining my walls made sure no enemy from the purge even made it to my walls

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we have purge event started and finished in a few second… we earned achievement. We did nothing to complete that achievement :smiley:


Not to mention the lag / freeze Spike fest when you have combats, or death animation… The game stuck like 2 seconds

On PS4. The mobs had a tendancy to end up partially or mostly submerged in the foundations.

I just lost 32 archer thralls cause of 1 person they were only level 1 and 2 which is why they were left out cause it wasn’t a totally huge deal but I have a screen shot I need a admin to please answer if the ones killing thralls can be banned please it is against ur rules exploring glitches and it is basically cheating

If you have the proper building materials used the purge critters cant get into your base. For our first purge we made the outer perimeter in T2/t3 andbwe were good to go!

We were all online for our purge though. As a sode note i thought you were not abke to be purged if you are offline?

They screwed the purge up and don’t look look there doing anything,
More worried about AFK crap than fixing the bugs.

Was at the barrow king when the purge message came up so i ran back to base, took about 10 minutes.
No evidence of any attacks, all my thralls are in the same spots inside my base.
Got the “regroup” message and another attack message shortly after but still no evidence of npcs being anywhere near me to attack.
Currently still in a purge also.

The purge attacks 1 thing you built randomly look at ur map for the red x

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Me and a friend utterly tore a purge to bits, they didnt even get close to our stuff. Granted, if we were not online they would have torn our stuff to bits. Given the uselessness of thralls.

Archer thralls work great place them along ur walls ONLY DURING THE PURGE I lost 32 archer thralls cause some sick came by and killed them on my pve server.