The purge underground

yesterday I had the purge in my base, the nordemites spawned under the ground, the thralls were looking down and they were in limbo, what makes me sad is the time it takes to get the purge and it comes bug,


Are purges even wanted anymore since the crafter thralls are redesigned? I haven’t needed a purge ever since the big thrall redesign…they are more annoying than anything now…and worth the time to find a way to reset the ticker.

the purge is the best thing, when it’s not bug

It really depends.
Some people enjoy the tower defense aspect.
But with regards to loot, especially person shaped loot, I’ve had much better luck with named thralls out of purges than raiding camps. Especially on PvE servers, some prime thrall hunt locations may be picked over with regularity, assuming any tier 4s spawned at that point in the first place. Meanwhile, when the purge rolls around, here come 1d8+2 people with names rather than numbers. Also, if you are the religious type, that’s a huge line of sacrifices delivered directly to the altar.

It’s like getting dinner.
Do you prefer to go out to eat, or would you rather have the food delivered to your home?


Yup, purges are cool! The loot, sure… But I like the sim aspects of it. Set your thralls all up and see what happens when the goo hits the fan. Take a perch from above and watch the action. Then correct and modify for the next time. It’s like Little Computer People Barbarians. :slight_smile:


I confirm from my point of view of player feedback.
I would have prioritized fixing the purge timer bug.
It’s a very good aspect of the game that would also bring a balance regarding the inactivity of the player who only maintains a weekly connection to keep their constructions.
I also have the impression that the purge takes longer to obtain, but this may be a biased feeling on my part. I did not check.
I really like the battles she brings to the game.
It is true that interest has greatly diminished after the craftsman update, but there are still some uninteresting T4 fighters and if not simply more challenging gameplay action.
Anyway Funcom is moving slowly, I sincerely hope they manage to solve the challenges of their creation.

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